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The (external link) is the UK’s longest established veterinary school and one of the most highly regarded institutions of its kind in Europe. The College has over 1,500 students enrolled on undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development programmes and four state-of-the-art teaching and referral hospitals, providing services to the public and the veterinary profession.

Tips on how to write an admission essay or personal statement for veterinary school.

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There is only one veterinary medical school in the state of Georgia, ..

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Online Application: All applicants must apply through the Veterinary Medical Application Service (VMCAS) at . VMCAS applications are available online May 2017 (paper applications are not available). The deadline to submit your application to VMCAS is September 15 @ 8:59p.m. PST; however, VMCAS strongly recommends that you e-submit your application and have all transcripts and letters of recommendations sent early in order to allow time for the verification process.

We will communicate with you via your UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Applicant Portal once your application has been verified by VMCAS and imported into our system. Visit the website for instructions on submitting your application and supporting documents.

Start your VMCAS application early. You have ample time (four months) to complete the application and submit all supporting documents by the September 15 deadline. Submit your VMCAS application online no later than September 15 at 8:59 p.m. PST. Make sure you read all of the instructions very carefully and ensure your Letters of Recommendations (eLORS), transcripts and GRE (school code 4804) will arrive at VMCAS no later than September 15. VMCAS will not accept late documents.

Take the General GRE test (if you haven’t already) no later than August 31, 2017 and have your scores delivered electronically to VMCAS school code 4804 ( use the general UC Davis school code 4834) no later than September 15. We advise that you do not wait until the last minute to take the GRE as deadline extensions are not granted. Check your VMCAS portal to make sure that your GRE scores have been received before the deadline. If the deadline is near and you don’t see your scores posted, contact ETS and have them sent again. You may take the GRE as many times as you wish. We will use your highest quantitative score for purposes of evaluating you for admission. You must also take the verbal and analytical writing sections of the examination. These scores may be used in evaluating your application. The average quantitative GRE score for those applicants admitted for the fall 2017 is the 75th percentile.So you want to become a veterinarian. Now what? Some people say that veterinary school is the hardest type of professional school to get accepted to. I disagree. Getting accepted in to veterinary school is not that hard, but it does take strategy! This blog will: 1) Provide information to aspiring veterinary students that will help them become the most competitive candidate they can be. 2) Provide a glimpse into what veterinary school is like at UC Davis. Enjoy! -Sharon