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Identification. Palestine is the name the Romans gave in the second century C.E.

Overall, the little change that did occur in Russia between 1905 and 1914 was only effective for a short while. The immediate failure of the first two Dumas proved the Tsar’s insecurity and Stolypin’s reforms made him many enemies. The violent reaction to the Lena Goldfields strike in particular illustrates the continuing repressive way of the Tsarist regime, and by 1914, violent revolution was inevitable.

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Identification. Papua is probably derived from the Malay word papuwah ("fuzzy hair").

Catherine spent heavily to promote inexpensive foreign policy. She extended Russian political control over the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth with actions including the support of the , although the cost of her campaigns, on top of the oppressive social system that required lords' serfs to spend almost all of their time laboring on the lords' land, provoked a major peasant uprising in 1773, after Catherine legalized the selling of serfs separate from land. Inspired by another Cossack named , with the emphatic cry of "Hang all the landlords!" the rebels threatened to take Moscow before Catherine crushed the rebellion. Like the other enlightened despots of Europe, she first of all made certain of her own power, and formed an alliance with the nobility.

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The central parts of most cities have important governmental, commercial, and religious buildings. Intermingled with these edifices are multistoried nineteenth-century town houses now used for commercial purposes or housing, and neighborhoods of walk-up apartment blocks. Farther out from the center stand rows of white apartment towers dating from the 1960s. Reaching from ten to thirty stories, these mammoth buildings house the majority of the population in small apartments. Although they are often distant from city centers and industrial areas, these apartments have provided privacy and security to millions of families. They are spacious compared to the barracks or communal apartments in which many families lived until the 1950s. Almost all the cities share this general layout, although some have avoided the fires and demolition campaigns that destroyed millions of traditional wooden structures in the past.

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Towards the end of this section I would include details of how I believe that the main opposition to the Nazi regime seemed to be individuals or small groups working together. Because Hitler could have easily uncovered a large scale operation the groups of resisters were usually relatively small. Including information about small groups and why they were more successful than large scale blunt revolutionaries. For example Sophie Scholl. This penultimate paragraph is where…

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In the west of the empire, the traditional pattern of rule was altered after the 1860s. First, this change was caused by the Great Reforms aiming at systematization and homogenization of the administrative, juridical, social, and educational structures. The reforms clashed with traditional privileges and rights of autonomy of the regional elites, who often perceived them as measures of Russification. Second, as a result of the growing number of educated Russians, the government was no longer dependent on the special services of non-Russians in the army, bureaucracy, education, and trade. Third, it was nationalism that undermined the foundations of the Russian empire and changed the character of tsarist policy.