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and Gilgamesh Monsters, timeless tales, heroes, and villains. All of these are factors of the epic tales of "" and "Gilgamesh". These stories have a profound meaning to the people of England, just as the "Iliad" and "Odyssey" have a deep meaning to the ancient people of Greece. We will...

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The scriptural reference, however, are restricted to the Old Testament rather than the New. The story of Cain and Abel is mentioned, for example, in explaining the origins of Grendel. And the sword hilt of Grendel’s mother is engraved with a depiction of the Flood described in the book of Genesis. But Beowulf makes no mention at all of Christ, or an afterlife in heaven for the believer. The burial rites described, in which warriors are buried with their treasure, does not suggest belief in a Christian heaven. Scholars debate the question of how fundamental Christianity is to the poem. It does not strike anyone as a thoroughly Christian work.

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In Heaney’s poem 'An Advancement of Learning' Heaney uses macabre imagery and 'innocence to experience' approach on tackling fear. The poem becomes very tense and dark, giving the reader a sense of the dirty and grey environment, which Heaney is describing. The title “An Advancement of Learning” is ironic since it suggests a serious educational or philosophical discussion, whereas the actual poem reflects the fears of a small child. The poem details when Heaney is

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"Medievalisms and why they matter", in Defining Medievalism(s), ed. Karl Fugelso, Studies in Medievalism XVII (Cambridge: D.S. Brewer, 2008), 45-54.

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In the story, "Miss Brill" by Katherine Mansfield we see the main idea of "Miss Brill" suffering from the pain of loneliness, and her attempts to experience life through the experiences of total stranger that actually reflects her life. Miss Brill life is not told to you straight but is

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"Response to three papers on 'Philology, whence and whither?' from Kalamazoo 2002", Heroic Age (online journal), issue 11 (October 2007).

Beowulf Theme Mythical monsters with great powers that get killed by human men are a typical theme in Anglo-Saxon poetry

"The Case of Beowulf", in Dirk Van Hulle and Joep Leerssen, eds., Editing the Nation's Memory: Textual Scholarship and Nation-Building in 19th-Century Europe, European Studies 26 (Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2008), 223-39.

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In this poem, Frost imagines two neighbors who meet once a year to repair the rock wall that separates their orchards. In this situation, the wall is a metaphor for the relationship between two people. The fact that they are neighbors suggests that these two people are emotionally close