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As far as general writing style is concerned, I find it useful to think in the below Two Cs. Most papers I find poorly written (as opposed to technically deficient) fall down on one or both of them, or on structure (which is separately addressed below). Here are the Two Cs:

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This video tutorial gives tips and advice on how to write a good technical paper for SPE to either be submitted to an SPE conference or for consideration in one of SPE's technical journals.

For more guidelines on how to submit a paper for a conference:

For more guidelines on how to submit a paper for peer-review for an SPE journal:

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Many students do not know how to review a technical paper. It is importantto learn for (at least) two reasons. First, you may be asked to reviewa confernce or journal paper. Second, you should always know youraudience. Knowing what reviewers are looking for makes it easier to write a paper that they will understand (and like).Last modified: Fri May 8 08:37:39 CDT 2009

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White papers are perhaps the most challenging type oftechnical document to write. They require a deep understandingboth of a product's technology of its application insolving a technical business problem. White papers are tunedspecifically to:

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One white paper author suggests thinking of your audience asinvestors, and that's not a bad way to approach writing thepaper. An informal tone is best; use acronyms and abbreviationssparingly. Use plain English, no matter how much someone insistson using more technical language. The objective is to educate,inform, and convince, not to geekspeak or marketspeak the readerto death. That's not to say that the white paper isn't slanted --it is, in the end, an opinion piece. But it also provides realinformation that the reader can use.

Don’t be afraid if you don’t know the procedure for writing technical research papers, get a brief roadmap for your technical research paper in no time.

Whether experienced at writing papers or just beginning, it is always useful to have your memory refreshed on what constitutes a successful technical paper. Clearly, a successful paper is one that is accepted into a technical publication and then is read and referenced by others. To achieve this end, it must first be determined that a particular body of work is unique and valuable to others. Second, the paper must be well written and follow the style guide of the chosen publication. This article covers the basics of paper acceptance, and reviews many of the writing pitfalls made by both veteran and beginner authors alike.

Technical Paper Writing - IEEEWriting a technical paper for submission to a Symposium can be a daunting task, especially if you are not accustomed to …

It takes a few attempts to get the feel for writing a goodwhite paper, but once you have it, you'll have acquired one ofthe most marketable technical writing skills in the business.