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Sustainable development has its roots in ideas about which were developed in Europe during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In response to a growing awareness of the depletion of timber resources in England, argued that "sowing and planting of trees had to be regarded as a national duty of every landowner, in order to stop the destructive over-exploitation of natural resources" in his 1662 essay . In 1713 , a senior mining administrator in the service of Elector published , a 400-page work on forestry. Building upon the ideas of Evelyn and French minister , von Carlowitz developed the concept of managing forests for . His work influenced others, including and , eventually leading to the development of a science of forestry. This in turn influenced people like , first head of the , whose approach to forest management was driven by the idea of wise use of resources, and whose was influential in the development of the in the 1960s.

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is being improved on a global scale by increased , improved infrastructure, improved water of agriculture, minimising the water intensity (embodied water) of goods and services, addressing shortages in the non-industrialized world, concentrating food production in areas of high productivity, and planning for , such as through flexible system design. A promising direction towards sustainable development is to design systems that are flexible and reversible. At the local level, people are becoming more self-sufficient by harvesting rainwater and reducing use of mains water.

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Ending such gender-based discrimination should be recognized as a core human rights goal that is crucial to achieving sustainable development. Because of their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression, many people are not only bullied, raped, and murdered, they are marginalized and denied access to education, employment, healthcare, housing, social assistance, and community resources. Sadly, ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity remains a politically sensitive issue even today. If we are serious about attaining sustainable development for all human beings and leaving no-one behind, it is one on which we must not compromise.

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In conclusion leadership of a company in sustainable development should define a new business logic. Schmandt & Ward (2000) stated that there must be great concerns from the top management to ensure conventional corporate strategic concerns about time, quality, cost reduction, distribution and critical staffing issues. They thus continue to say that with these factors in place one can begin to see the emergence of sustainable development within the corporate environment. Schmandt & Ward (2000) indicated that sustainable development should be guided by proper training across the company in order to provide a good environment and background for its implementation.

Sustainable development is defined as ‘meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own need’. Sustainability is a dynamic concept born out of the environmental debate of the last quarter century. In order to achieve a sustainable life, a balance and equal distribution of natural …

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Sustainable development can be categorized into three divisions, economic, environmental, and social. If sustainability is to occur it should meet these three divisions. In the Philippines, none of these conditions are being met. The loss of forests in the country has been accelerated by deliberate

Sustainable development, as defined by the rundtland Commission (1987) is "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs." [footnoteRef:1] y definition, then, sustainable development is development that takes the impact on the environment into account and tries to minimize environmental damage. This contributed to the understanding that sustainable development encompasses a number of areas and highlights sustainability as the idea of environmental, economic and social progress and equity, all within the limits of the world's natural resources. Sustainable Development is about balanced and equitable economic development. high levels of employment, social cohesion and inclusiveness, a high level of environmental protection and responsible use of natural resources, coherent policy making in an open, transparent and accountable political system and effective international co-operation to promote sustainable development globally.[footnoteRef:2] [1: rundtland Commission, "Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development,"……