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We have evolved two different responses to stress. One is designed for the immediate and potentially life-threatening effects of stress (acute stress). The other follows this up a few minutes later and is designed for longer term coping (both with the stress itself and the body’s immediate response). This is for chronic or longer term stress. I will consider the details shortly.

 Remove yourself from the stressful situation Give yourself a break if only for a few moments daily

When soldiers return to modern society, they must go through—among other adjustments—a terrific oxytocin withdrawal. The chronic isolation of modern society begins in childhood and continues our entire lives. Infants in hunter-gatherer societies are carried by their mothers as much as 50 to 90 percent of the time, often in wraps that keep them strapped to the mother’s back so that her hands are free. That roughly corresponds to carrying rates among other primates, according to primatologist and psychologist Harriet J. Smith. One can get an idea of how desperately important touch is to primates from a landmark experiment conducted in the 1950s by a psychologist and primatologist named Harry Harlow. Baby rhesus monkeys were separated from their mothers and presented with the choice of two kinds of surrogates: a cuddly mother made out of terry cloth or an uninviting mother made out of wire mesh. The wire-mesh mother, however, had a nipple that would dispense warm milk. The babies invariably took their nourishment quickly in order to rush back and cling to the terry-cloth mother, which had enough softness to provide the illusion of affection. But even that isn’t enough for psychological health: in a separate experiment, more than 75 percent of female baby rhesus monkeys raised with terry-cloth mothers—as opposed to real ones—grew up to be abusive and neglectful to their own young.

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For obvious reasons these studies have to be natural or correlational. Long term stress as a manipulated and tightly controlled IV would be highly unethical. However, is does mean that a causal link between stress and heart disease can only be inferred, rather than proven beyond doubt.

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Stress can be dangerous to student’s lifestyle. They should find the causes of stress which they going through, know the bad effect that they may face and take actions to manage it Close with impact, call for action

Stress In The Workplace Reasons And Consequences Management Essay Abstract. This paper aims to examine the previous literature in the area of work-related stress.

Writing research paper conclusion work should be done carefully. It is to be ended on a sweet note with an optimistic message attached to it. Conclusion shapes up the story, validates your point and strengthens your content. A conclusion sums up the story you wrote and your research work in few lines or a paragraph.

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Before you take action to manage stress you must understand what is the stress and the causes of stress that you have. As you begin to understand more about how stress affects you, you will develop your own ideas to help relieve tension. Summary of main points

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The main cause of stress among student is interpersonal causes. Interpersonal causes which included the factor like relationships with family and friend