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In Rich and Poor, Singer outlines the proportion of the global human population that lives in poverty and considers the respective arguments about whether or not (and to what extent) citizens of industrialized so-called First-World countries have a moral obligation to assist citizens of so-called Third-World countries. More than a decade and a half since its writing, the specific facts and figures quoted in the essay are out of date, but the conceptual arguments remain substantially the same, irrespective of any changes in precise population estimates or changed circumstances of any of the nations and peoples referenced by Singer in 1993. In that regard, an unacceptably large percentage of human beings alive on earth still endure absolute poverty - a concept defined by Singer - and a disproportionately vast majority of the earth's food and other resources are continually being consumed by citizens living in what Singer describes as absolute affluence. According to Singer, the concept of absolute poverty was introduced by Robert McNamara and used to differentiate the reality of (relative) poverty that exists in the industrialized nations of the Western World from the incomparably harsh reality endured by more than one billion human beings living in absolute poverty in the Third World.

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Peter Singer argues that it is the duty of individuals living comfortably to help the poor. Additionally, Singer articulates that helping the poor and those dying of preventable diseases is not charity, but a moral obligation. It is thus the responsibility of individuals in rich countries to make considerable sacrifices to help those suffering from poverty related causes. Failure to do this would result in such people being ethically indefensible. As an example, Singer offers a significant sum of his pay as donations and reiterates he needs to give more. Singer argues that it is the duty of the well off to prevent something awful from taking place. Suffering and death can be prevented through contributing to famine relief. Singer considers the cost of giving to the poor morally insignificant as a reduction in the standard of living of the rich. Peter Singer is considered one of the most controversial ethicist with a significant percentage criticizing his stand. The essay expounds on Peter Singer’s argument on the obligations of helping the poor.

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