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3. Which example is  similar to the way you would create a diary or journal entry?

If you're reading an entry from Romeo's diary, he might say something about having some worries about marrying Juliet when her cousin hates him so furiously and how Mercutio will probably never stop teasing him about his no longer being a bachelor. Juliet's diary might contain some indication that she is worried about telling her parents that she is married when they obviously wanted her to marry Count Paris, and some hopes that her parents will forgive her for marrying a Montague.

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I am a ninth grader in high school having to write a diary entry for the play Romeo and Juliet about one of the characters what font shall i use(8)Model for the class how to write a diary entry which includes detail and quotation. Pupils then write what might have been one key day’s diary entry for either Juliet or Romeo.