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Leo XIII thus decided that historical proof of a continuation of sacramental validity with the Church of England was not the central question between Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism. History is not the question. Theology is the question. For there to be sacramental validity within the Church of England from the perspective of Rome, Anglicans and Roman Catholics must be in one institutional community of faith, which implies agreements about the theology of sacraments and ministry, and some Anglican recognition of the papacy.6

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This above policy of neutrality was also not just Pope Pius XII's idea, but also a bargaining chip for the realization of the Concordant with Germany: as Eugenio Pacelli would become Pope at the start of World War II, the Church would be made to agree to become increasingly less politically active. In return to this neutrality from the Church, the state or the Third Reich was to allow the Catholic Church and its adherents to go about their services and in the partaking of their sacraments in peace. The gravity behind this development is felt in the fact that even in the face of the adherents of the Roman Catholic Church being cognizant of the rise of the Nazi anti-Semitism and the plan to carry out the Holocaust; the faithful were to remain silent on the same, so as to avoid not being politically correct. Perhaps, the most radical thing that the Catholic Church faithful would do was to murmur or gossip about the rise of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust.

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Cruel Behavior From The Roman Catholic Church History Essay Published: 23rd March, 2015 Last Edited: 23rd March, 2015 This essay has been submitted by a. History: Christian essay papers The Roman Catholic Church dominated religion for many years in Europe Ancient History: Asian History: Christian. Theology: Catholicism: History and Main Beliefs of Catholic Religion / the Catholic Church ended up joining the Roman Catholic Church. What is the Roman Catholic Church? What do Roman Catholics believe? What's New; there is no question that Roman church history reaches back to ancient.

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Roman Catholic Church History Sexual and physical abuse scandals involving Roman Catholic priests and brothers have occurred in other countries. Roman Catholic Church Catholic Church Research Paper Topics Essay on The Catholic Interpretation of History: Essay on Roman Catholicism.