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? An introduction, that ‘sets the scene for the essay’ for the reader. You should also identify your selected case study and provide a brief overview of the model of reflection including a brief discussion of the relevance of reflection in nursing practice. (approximately 100 words)

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A reflective essay can be described as an essay where the writer analyzes some events in his life according to his realizations. It is the use of the unaided power of human reason and reminiscence to express a person’s opinion and thoughts about an event that happened in the past. In reflective essays, the writer is expected to study the event as a case, albeit mentally and form opinions about the event and come out with a systematic conclusion through an unbiased mindset. Through your college life, you will come across at least one reflective essay or the other. You may be given reflective essay topics to write on as part of your coursework. It may be for your college examination, school admission application or even for an end of the year examination. However, fresh students always find it difficult to come up with good essays in this category because they may not have mastered the act of writing these essays. There are also some who because of their other engagements cannot meet with the deadline given for these essays as part of their coursework. When I have reflective essay topics for my assignment, I hire online essay writing firms to . You can also use them to get your essays written for you. When you write on such topics, you are allowed to write in a very free manner. This is to say that you have the freedom to give out your perceptions about the event being studied and reflected upon. The core of the essay should be your own prime reflection of what the event is all about. Now, one of the cardinal points of a reflective essay is that the writer is not bound to provide all the subtle points or facts so as to ensure that he is giving a proper analysis. What he does is to recall his self-experience with trust, and use his beliefs on the event to try and convince the reader to believe what he believes about what happened. When you analyze the reflective essay topics, you should strive to provide lots of realistic examples of the subject matter you are analyzing so that people can easily understand the concept or idea that you are trying to put across. When the content of the reflective essay is simply illustrated in a logical manner, it becomes very easy for the readers to understand.

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PRESENTATION GUIDELINES Please ensure that your paper adheres to the following presentation principles: 1. Bullet points and numbering are NOT appropriate in this academic essay. 2. Use a separate page for the reference list. Do not supply a bibliography (i.e., only include references in the reference list that correspond with your in-text citations). Standard APA (6th ed.) referencing style is to be used consistently throughout your paper. 3. You must support your paper with a minimum of 15 appropriate references from the professional literature (which means information should be primarily sourced from authoritative sources such as peer-reviewed journals). NB: Literature published more than 5 – 7 years ago is not considered to be “recent”. The exception would be inclusion of literature that has influenced thought in the topic area, i.e., seminal work. 1. Provide an assignment that conforms to an acceptable standard for academic essay presentation, with page numbering, 1.5 – double-line spacing, margins of at least 2 cm, and font size of at least 12 Arial/Times New Roman. You should include your student number in the footer of each page. Your assignment must be well written with correct spelling, sentence and paragraph structure. 2. Your essay must include an appropriate introduction and conclusion. 3. Minimal headings are permissible, however, all new concepts should be introduced and the essay should flow well. REFLECTIVE CASE STUDY