Race, Gender & Class as a Social Science Perspective

Such databases have never before existed. Obama is presiding over the largest consolidation of personal data in US history. He is creating a diversity police state where government race cops and civil-rights lawyers will micromanage demographic outcomes in virtually every aspect of society.

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Race is a modern concept. In ancient times, people were more likely to be divided according to religion, language, lineage, and nationality. In ancient Greece, for instance, people were divided by language and culture rather than physical differences. Africans, who may have looked different physically, were accepted into their society as long as they adopted the customs and language of Greek culture. So where exactly does the idea of race originate? In the 16th century, Europeans used three different categories to classify the different groups of people they encountered through continental exploration. The racial categories used at this time were: Mongoloid (Asians), Caucasoid (European) and Negroid (African). Throughout the centuries to follow, the concept of race was used as a means of justifying superiority and colonization.

Social Constructions and Conflict

10. Gender, Race/Ethnicity, and Social Class in Research Reports on Stigma in HIV-Positive Women

Hacking is much more sympathetic to the second reading than the first.:68–70 Furthermore, he argues that, if the second reading is taken, there need not always be a conflict between saying that quarks are "socially constructed" and saying that they are "real".:29–30 In our gender example, this means that while a legitimate biological basis for gender may exist, of society's perceptions of gender may be socially constructed.

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of the movie is created due to a break in the conventional social constructionthat the basketball team of a University is comprised of white students. White students who were trained by a white coach and studied in a University filled with white students. This was the norm that was being challenged by the coach Don Haskins who simply wanted to give these ‘negro’ students an opportunity to receive an education. Racial inequality in the education system is depicted in the movie through scenes that emphasize a majority of college students being white and the surprise on their faces when they see a black student in their school.

Race is a social construction. Please see the guidelines on RAMCT for full instructions. 1) Scholars often claim that “race is a social construction”?

The competing social construction would be one in which there was no differentiation based on the race/ethnicity of the players belonging to the team. It would be a construction where the blacks were not suppressed and thought to be inferior to whites. I believe that an example of a competing social construction would probably be the construction of our society today, where students are not discriminated based on their ethnicity but are encouraged to participate and selected based on their individual skills and talents.

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In the article of Karla Hackstaff entitled “Who Are We? Genealogists Negotiating Ethno-Racial Identities” in 2009, she discussed on how the race and ethnicity could be influenced by genetics and biological structure. The article discussed some cases about indifferences between biological and social construction of race and ethnicity. It said that when the genetic source of person was spread in the media, around 200,000 Americans per year applied fro the program. It posed the question which of the two is more important to define one’s race and ethnicity. One example cited in the text is the case of a woman living in black community having a major genetic trace of a Chinese origin and minor African. If social construction would be taken into consideration, then her race and ethnicity would be African. But if it is biological construction, then she will be considered as Chinese. (Hackstaff, 2009)