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The movie "Pretty Woman" is about a Hollywood prostitute named Vivian Ward that was hired by a wealthy businessman that goes by the name of Edward Lewis. Edward wanted Vivian Ward to be his escort for business purposes. Edward developed a relationship with Vivian over the week-long stay she had with him. Edward soon realizes from the beginning that he really likes this girl because he asks her to stay with him for a week and asks her to act as an escort for social events and is willing to pay $3,000 to Vivian and also give her access to his credit cards for her services. It is obvious that Edward gains feelings for Vivian and he falls in love with her.
Edward also seems like he’s planning on building a relationship in between business events. Vivian at first doesn't treats Edward like any other guy and doesn't grow to like Edward until she notices that he actually cares for her and defends her. Their relationship continues when Edward takes Vivian to a polo match, where he’s interested in networking for his business deal and this is where the two also get hands on getting closer to each other. Another relationship forms at this event where Phillip Stuckey, who was Edwards attorney approaches Vivian. Phillip offers to hire Vivian once she’s finished with Edward, basically insulting her and treating her without respect. After this occurs Vivian is furious with Edward and she plans to leave for good, but Edward apologizes and persuades her to stay for the rest of the week.
Their relationship grows as Edward is now showing how he cares for her by giving her a quarter of a million dollar diamond necklace to go with her outstanding dress and with surprise he tells Vivian that they were going to take a flight to San Francisco to see an Opera. The next day Vivian thinks Edward should take off of work and he takes her advice and does. They spend the whole day with each other and then make love. Just before she falls asleep Vivian admi...

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Pretty Woman (1990) is a romance/comedy that stars Richard Gere as Edward Lewis, and Julia Roberts as Vivian Ward. She is a prostitute and he is a wealthy businessman whom falls for each other. Edward (Richard Gere) makes a living buying and breaking up companies. While on a business trip Edward picks up a hooker, Vivian (Julia Roberts). Edward hires Vivian to stay for a weekend with him, and they get closer, but have hurdles to overcome as they try to close the distance between their different worlds.

The Director was Garry Marshall. He directs the making of the film. His role controls the movies artistic and dramatic aspects. He had to create an overall vision through which the movie eventually becomes realized. He had to tickle Julia Roberts’s (Vivian’s) feet to get her to laugh so hysterically in the film. (Out of camera range).

The Production Designer is Albert Brenner. He was responsible for the entire Art department. He played a huge role in helping Gary Marshall to achieve the visual requirements of the movie. He created and developed the overall look, emotion, and atmosphere for the movie. He also was involved in visual effects, lighting, set dressing, and props.

David M. Haber is the Art Director. His role was to help Gary Marshall to achieve the film’s visual requirements. He delegated tasks to production, set, electrical and lighting designers, unifying those roles in their effort to bring the director’s aesthetic vision to life. His job was to design the physical environment and create the mood for the script. The director utilizes modalities such as setting and dialogue to portray social differences between Edward and Vivian.

Lightning helps guide our attention to certain objects or actions that the director wants the audiences to note. Lightning was used to the modest, that is, not too bright and not too dull in the scene I chose. The lighting was also used symbolize the happiness and excitement of Vivian and Edward as they went...

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Also essential to the marriage plot is the male gaze. It is so prominent in both films that it is hard to miss. It seems that every time either Gere or Hudson would eye up the heroine, the music was played accordingly or the lighting was following his eyes to their target. What comes to mind when I think of the male gaze and Pillow Talk is the scene in the ballroom/bar when Jan first meets "Rex." Right when he first realizes that the beautiful woman on the dance floor is also his adversary on his party line, he makes the comment, "So that"s what the other side of her looks like." He is obviously pleased and the music of the ballroom smoothly follows his eyes. The male gaze is also a staple with Gere in Pretty Woman. Often throughout the movie he eyes up Vivian with a stare that shows his hidden intentions and his desire for her. It is perhaps most obvious to me when Vivian is talking to the jockey at the polo game. Edward"s look towards her show is jealousy, his desire and yet it also shows his approval of her.

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n many forms of media including theatrical productions and films. Appropriations, such as the film "Pretty Woman", directed by Garry Marshall, and Bernard Shaw's "Pygmalion", have taken the context fr ... is a large difference as social class is less discriminated in a contemporary society. In the film "Pretty Woman", Edward treats Vivian as an equal. In the scene when Vivian attempts to purchase some ...