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So since "the courts already decided life doesnt begin at conception" theyre automatically right? I thought they graduated from law school, NOT medical school....hmmmm maybe it's different these days. Getting off topic here. As I was saying, in cases of rape, she can give it up for adoption, incest, can give it up for adoption, teen pregnancy, dont have sex. Simple answer right there. And our religious beliefs lead us to not having an abortion. Why do you think we have to wait till marriage? How would you feel if you were aborted? Exactly. And if Birth-Control is not always successful, the scientists need to go back to their laboratories. And about the fourth amendment that states that a woman can do whatever she wants with her body; IT'S NOT HER BODY. Is she going to like abort herself? I don't get it. "Choice of my own body" makes no sense cause she's not hurting her body. Once you get over your irrelevant facts, you'll realize that you're dumb and I'm right. Btw, you put too many commas in the wrong place :)

Persuasive Essay On Teenage Pregnancy

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Argumentative Essay on Teen Pregnancy - 444 Words

Argumentative Essay on Teen Pregnancy

Most teenage girls do not admit to being sexually active. When a young girl becomes pregnant, she may not tell anyone because she is in denial or is scared. When a teen does not reveal that she is pregnant, she puts herself and the fetus in serious danger. Teens are less likely to receive prenatal care when they hide their pregnancies from their family. Early and adequate prenatal care, preferably through a program that specializes in teenage pregnancies, ensures a healthier baby. The mother’s and baby’s health can depend on how mature the young woman is about keeping her doctor appointments and eating healthy. Sometimes, due to insurance limits or government policies, unmarried teens can be denied funding from the government or insurers, making safe pregnancies and deliveries difficult.

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Fourthly, make an introduction of your persuasive essay on teen pregnancy. Introduce the problem for consideration briefly, explain why it is worth discussing, and present your thesis statement.

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Thirdly, outline your ideas. Arrange all the ideas you have in mind in a logical consecution so that the reader might follow your thoughts without any difficulties. In order to organize your thoughts properly, present them on a paper in a form of a scheme. Use color markers to determine what and how the issues should be covered in your persuasive essay on teen pregnancy.

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Teenagers who conceive are not only at risk of complications during childbirth, but they also risk contracting diseases that are transmitted sexually. A single instance of unprotected sex has 1% chance for someone to contract genital herpes and about 50% chance for contracting gonorrhea (Noll, Shenk and Putnam). Conceiving before one is 16 years of age posses the risk of miscarriage and pre-term delivery. In addition to that, teenagers may fear their parents’ reaction as well as some medical procedures and, in the process, risk other severe consequences.
Psychologically, pregnant teenagers, especially those who are below 16 years, are mostly psychologically immature while their emotions are likely to be unstable. In addition, pregnant teenagers tend to have additional stress that is imposed by pregnancy. Socially, 90% of teenagers who conceive do so out of wedlock (Noll, Shenk and Putnam). Furthermore, some teenagers from poor income families conceive as a result of social-economic challenges.