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Indeed, reading the whole thing represents the basic, minimum, irreducible requirement for teaching the Peloponnesian War effectively. And, because Thucydides thoughtlessly neglected to carry the story down to Athens’ fall in 404 BC, we assign another primary source, , to complement Thucydides’ chronicle. A to complement Thucydides and Xenophon, and we’re set for the writing of essays and for informed discussion in seminars.

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This essay will demonstrate how the Peloponnesian War stood as a great example of how superpowers become thrust into battle with one another, based upon corruption, vast difference in lifestyles, and the urging from smaller entities. Focus will be on how both Athens and Sparta’s political, social and diplomatic systems forced them into battle, but the battles themselves are of little concern in this essay. It was the “behind the scenes” events that can best explain and summarize the war.

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Description : Essay from the year 2014 in the subject History - World History - Early and Ancient History, grade: 1, , course: Thucydides, language: English, abstract: The Sicilian Expedition marked a crucial moment in the history of the Peloponnesian War and Thucydides' account thereof. Having recovered from the plague, a defeat at Delium, and the confusion surrounding the Peace of Nicias, the Athenians voted to dispatch an unprecedented armada to Sicily in order to take Syracuse and possibly expand their conquests to Italy and Carthage. After initial enthusiasm and military victories, the force under the command of Nicias deteriorated and eventually perished. Through hubris, a lack of adequate cavalry, and incompetence at home as well as abroad, the Athenians allowed the expedition to turn into a monumental failure, foreshadowing their ultimate defeat in the Ionian War a decade later.