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Multicultural education tries to provide students with educational experiences that enable them to maintain commitments to their community cultures as well as acquire the knowledge, skills, and cultural capital needed to function in the national civic culture and community. Multicultural theorists view academic knowledge and skills as necessary but not sufficient for functioning in a diverse nation and world. They regard skills in democratic living and the ability to function effectively within and across diverse groups as essential goals of schooling.

Larkin, J. (Ed.) 1995. Developing Multicultural Teacher Education Curricula. SUNY Press.

Various definitions and theories just disclose different sides of such complicated phenomenon as multicultural education. However, there is something that unites all these different theories, and it is the transformation in the system of education, which is aimed at making substantial changes to society. Comparing different views of prominent scholars, we come to the conclusion that our definition has a lack of concretization, in contrast to Banks’ definition, and borrowing the theoretical basis of NAME’s definition would be a great improvement to ours. It goes without saying that such amount of scientific views on this issue only contributes to its better understanding. Therefore, the research that we have conducted deepens the knowledge in this sphere and inspires to further investigations. In order to raise our awareness of multicultural education we have to continue studying the works written by the experts in this sphere. Furthermore, our plans include observation of how the principles of multicultural education work in practice in different regions and making, on the basis of this research, suggestions for possible improvements in the system of multicultural education. All in all, many affords should be taken in order to turn multicultural education into general practice all over the world. However, people should remember that even a small contribution made for the sake of a big goal will bring about great changes.

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According to some views, if one wants to alienate and further fragment the communication and rapport between ethnic groups, implement multicultural education. As stated by Bennett (1995), "to dwell on cultural differences is to foster negative prejudices and stereotypes, and that is human nature to view those who are different as inferior" (p. 29). Thus, multicultural education will enhance feelings of being atypical. Schools in America may see multicultural education as a way to "color blind" their students to differences. Administrators may view the "color blind" approach as a gate keeper that assures equal treatment and justice for all students and as a way to facilitate compatibility and sameness of all cultures. A common statement from this line of thinking is, 'we are more alike than different'. We should focus on the similarities and not the differences to achieve greater equanimity among the races.

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During the 1970s a number of professional organizationssuch as the National Council for Social Studies, the National Council of Teachers of English, and the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Educationissued policy statements and publications that encouraged the integration of ethnic content into the school and teacher education curriculum. In 1973 the title of the forty-third yearbook of the National Council for the Social Studies (NCSS) was NCSS published in 1976, which was revised and reissued in 1992 as A turning point in the development of multicultural education occurred in 1977 when the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) issued standards for the accreditation of teacher education. The standards required all NCATE member institutions (about 80% of the teacher education programs in the ) to implement components, courses, and programs in multicultural education.

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