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I am doing a lot of searching but i can not find how nellie bly improved the world, report due tomorrow worth 30% of my grade! I am not allowed to use wikapedia, how ever you spell it, what she did. What is a muckraker?? ok this is us history assignment ive to write a muckracking article being a muckraker supposing in (1890-1910). and am writing about the political condition , pollution, and working condition. all . I need an intresting title for the assignment muckraking article us history.? For my summer assignment I have to read two books and create a chart on quotes that express muckraking. Then write an essay on which book I liked better and what muckraking was in said book. I em. What do you think of my history assignment so far? Share: Add comment Enter your comment... Fill in the fields or click on the icon to leave a comment:

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Do you agree with Mitford's view that it is an honor to be called a "muckraker," or do you think that journalists who search out and expose real or apparent misconduct go too far in the pursuit of their stories? Explain your position in a well-written essay that uses specific evidence for support.