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This essay was inspired by the topic of the American dream. The novel, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald focused mainly on Gatsby’s version of the American dream. The whole book is basically a story of him trying to pursue his dream of getting Daisy. This essay on LGBT equality focuses mainly on whether or not LGBT individuals are able to attain their American dream, and what’s holding them back.

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This New York-based nonprofit awards three $10,000 scholarships each year to graduating LGBTQ high school seniors in New York, Connecticut or New Jersey. The organization looks for students who have been actively involved in their communities — past winners include a student who started a Gay-Straight Alliance school chapter and a student who launched an anti-bullying campaign. The application requires two letters of recommendation and two essays, as well as an interview if you’re selected as a finalist.

"Lgbt". Anti Essays. 20 Oct. 2017

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The Pride Foundation awards more than 50 scholarships to LGBTQ students and allies in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. The average scholarship was $3,250 in 2015, but past recipients have gotten as much as $10,000. Filling out one application will put you in the running for all of the scholarships; the application requires essays and a letter of recommendation.

LGBT Kids Essay  The adoption of children by (LGBT) couples is an issue of active debate across the united states of America

Known as NOGLSTP, this organization awards two $5,000 scholarships each year to LGBTQ students or active allies who are pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering or math. One award each year goes to an undergraduate student who has already completed at least two years of college and one to a graduate or professional student. The application requires an essay and three reference letters.

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The League Foundation gives out seven awards each year to graduating high school seniors who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender or queer. The application requires two personal essays, two letters of recommendation and a list of your community involvement; you’ll get “extra credit” if you’re involved in an LGBTQ-related extracurricular activity or project.

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Since you are writing a persuasive essay
You are trying to convince your readers
Into believing something. If you want to
Write about the LGBT community then
You should have some point you are trying to
Make. Like that it is the "most accepting
Community". It's kind of difficult to find
To write about when it comes to this
Topic. Good luck!

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I need to write a persuasive essay about something which I'm passionate about, and I'm passionate about the LGBT community, since I'm a part of it. While I want to do a LGBT-related essay, I don't know what topics to really look for.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Sutherland UNIV 101L 21 November, 2013 LGBT Reflective Essay Before the presentation, I used to think negatively about Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transsexual people. Being raised in a Catholic family, I was taught nothing of homosexuals. I first found out about gay people in freshman year in High School. Sheltered from the truth, I was influenced by my family and their beliefs that homosexual meant bad. It was never directly spoken about, but through actions, I figured that marriage was between a man and a woman explicitly. To this day, I lean towards the conservative side, in believing that marriage should be between what nature’s intentions were. This also comes partly from the fact that marriage is a religious ceremony, and religion has been known to disapprove of homosexuality. From the speaker, I learned many things. First of all, the unspoken message she sent to the people in the room was striking. She was wearing clothes traditionally related to men. This set the tone for the presentation in my opinion. I learned many facts about LGBT people, like the distinction between gender and sex. I learned that, for example, a person who is born with specific genitalia can identify as the opposite gender, thus labeling them transsexual. At first, this seemed slightly silly to me. Then as I gave it more thought, I began to realize it is a true concern for a child to be born with both genitalia, or be sexually confused. I began to connect it with my past experiences, like psychology class in High School. The most surprising piece of information I learned was the amount of people who were uncomfortable with the topic. Many students in our class put down numbers less than 10 for how