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Non-medical definitions of the term include "the uncomfortable condition of having gas in the stomach and bowels", or "a state of excessive gas in the alimentary canal". These definitions highlight that many people consider "bloating", or increased volume of intestinal gas to be synonymous with the term flatulence (although this is technically inaccurate). Colloquially, flatulence may be referred to as "farting", "trumping", "tooting", "passing gas", "breaking wind" or simply (in ) "gas" or () "wind". Derived terms include , otherwise known as a .

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Yes, this is definitely not a good time to start GAPS (at least not if you want compliance). I think your plan sounds good. It seems to be really good for many people to not just jump in, but to kind “back” their way into the diet. Add in a bunch of good healing food (ferments, broth, organ meats, fats, etc.), slowly reduce grain/starch intake, try a few GAPS treats (to assure you and your daughter that you really can enjoy food while doing GAPS) and before you know it, there you are, eating full GAPS, and enjoying it. And from full GAPS, it’s easier to do intro (than from a non-GAPS diet). No need to add stress! This is about healing, not stress.

Lactose Intolerance Essay, Research Paper

Lactose Intolerance: Another Painful Reason For Growing Up

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Lactose intolerance can develop at any age

Incidentally, I’ve also always had huge stomach problems all of my life (as well as a really bad cough). Embarrassingly, I appear to be gassier than other people, and have chronic constipation. So I decided to start paying attention to when the stomach issues happen. I’m drinking milk less often, but when I do have a glass, I notice that that’s when I get gassy and stomach-achy. Milkshakes are pretty much the worst.

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We suspected that my daughter could be lactose intolerant or have some sort of milk allergy when she was about 3 years old. She used to get rashes and chalazia (kind of like styes) in her eyes all of the time along with stomach aches and we couldn’t figure out why. We tried raw milk. When she started drinking some raw milk her condition improved. When we switched her completely to raw milk we saw almost 100% improvement. She now only drinks raw milk. We also avoid high lactose foods. She’s ok with most cheeses, butter and yogurt. Recently, she had some regular old ice cream at a birthday party……and nothing happened. I think it’s possible that the past couple of years of drinking raw milk every day may have healed her.

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After about 3 days using all of the above, my gut normalized. It was like a night/day experience. I weighed 110 before my trip, and lost 12 pounds as a result of the illness and the gut issues. After healing my gut, I was able to get back up to about 110, thank goodness! Hope this can be helpful for others.

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I developed a problem with dairy after I returned to the US from a month-long work trip to Africa. I had contracted giardia in Ethiopia, and I took a strong dose of antibiotics. The drugs worked, thankfully, but my gut was all out of balance. It took me a month to finally get some probiotics. A naturopath friend recommended a probiotic taken with yogurt, slippery elm tea, marshmallow root tea, and okra. The probiotic I found had these herbs in it, and it also had psyllium husk, which is very commonly used in India. The reasoning behind these herbs/foods is that they are slimy when mixed with water, and their sliminess helps to soothe and heal the mucosal lining of the gut.