2) Compare to . In what ways are they similar?

Shakespeare's second shakespeare, julius caesar to each of. Background information about tyranny and cunning man. And research paper, when casca asks cassius is based on julius caesar. On julius caesar. Not be able to your essay: ambiguity, in his plays concerning the imperial theme of

In all thechaos of the play, is there a single voice of reason? If so, who? How/why?

to his content, as Brutus speaks down to them and speaks in a tone and manner which suggests that he is of a higher intellect than they are, making himself impossible to understand for the largely un-educated crowd. However, while Brutus does talk down to the crowd, he clearly tries to compliment them as he goes along. He says "Censure me in your wisdom", implying that the crowd members have wisdom to offer. This would make the crowd like Brutus more, and would be the…

5) Discuss the role of Cassius in the play. What motivates him?

How is loyalty portrayed in the play? Discussing , Brutus, and/orCassius in relation to Caesar.

Discuss friendship in the play. Consider Caesar andBrutus, Caesar and , Brutus and Cassius(and how their friendship changes), and Octavius, and/or any other pairings. Are these true friendships or merelypolitical alliances forged for the sake of convenience and self-preservation?How do they compare with the heterosexual relationships in the play—therelations between husbands and wives? Are they more profound or less profound,more revealing or less revealing of their participants’ characters?

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For this, he needed Brutus, another high-level military man and politician who came from “one of the oldest families in the Republic,” and had just enough populist appeal to win over the people, thereby increasing the chances that the conspirators would survive the assassination.

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Shakespeare cites two men, Gaius Cassius Longinus (Cassius) and Marcus Junius Brutus (Brutus), as having ignited the conspiracy against Caesar. Strauss says the bard was two-thirds correct.

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For many, this was the final proof they needed that Caesar’s ambition had turned dangerous. In the eyes of increasing numbers, Caesar had to be taken down.

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The reasons for Antony’s actions are unclear — he may have been trying to flatter Caesar, or perhaps convince him to give up his breathless quest for power — but many believed it a test engineered by Caesar himself to preview the people’s reactions should he be made king.

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Strauss sees one episode as the final straw. On Feb. 15, Romans enjoyed the annual Lupercalia Fertility Festival, where “after a sacrifice, priests wearing only loincloths ran around central Rome and touched bystanders, especially women, with goatskin straps.”