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MT 16:18 Jesus founds his church on Peter and will give him the keys of the kingdom.
AC 15:1-21 James presides over the first Council of Jerusalem and formulates the decree regarding the accepting of Gentiles which is sent to the other churches. (Note: Tradition has it that James was appointed as the first Bishop or Pope, not Peter.)

(Note: See Atrocities section for many other examples of the killing ofinnocents.)

We know of NO OTHER RULE OR SYSTEM OF MARRIAGE OTHER THAN THE ONE PUBLISHED FROM THE BOOK OF DOCTRINE AND COVENANTS, and we give this certificate to show that Dr. J. C. Bennett's secret wife system is a creature of his own make as we know of NO SUCH SOCIETY in this place nor never did.

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We must disobey unjust laws, or else we are allowing them to continue and hurt others. Certainly we must break a law that requires us to do evil.

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When Gordon B. Hinckley is asked by the media about polygamy, he often doesn't give an answer other than saying 'it's all behind us now'. This sounds like he is implying that maybe it was a mistake but we don't do it anymore. He doesn't defend the practice or say that it wasn't wrong. He wants the LDS Church to appear mainstream instead of taking the opportunity to explain our unique and special beliefs. He downplays it saying it was practiced by only 2-5% of the population vs the 20-30% that LDS historians say practiced it. Why doesn't he say that it was God's will, it was suspended for a time as it was no longer practical to be practiced, but will be practiced again in the next life and during the millennium when Christ reigns on the earth?

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But we can't think of any earthly reason for practicing polygamy. Why would God command this? Even if there were women that needed help, why would the men have to marry the women in order to help them. We certainly don't advocate marrying a homeless person to help them financially or otherwise. And why have polygamy at all since it could only be practiced by maybe 30% of its members?

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Polygamy is just plain wrong. It always has been and it always will be WRONG. Look at Colorado City and see how those people live; it's disgusting. God says it's OK, then he says it's not OK, and then he will say it is OK again sometime in the future. What kind of answer is that; what kind of god is that? There is no way that any god thinks this is okay, for any reason. It's made up by men, just like the men of Islam who think they'll get 72 virgins. It's all a man's made-up religion. I would like to ask you, if God commanded you to have another wife say…next week, would you do it? How would your current wife feel about that?