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Finally, Yanos et al. (2012) measured the effectiveness of a group-based therapy referred to as Narrative Enhancement/Cognitive Therapy (NECT) in treating elevated internalized stigma in patients suffering from severe mental illnesses. In this study, 144 patients with elevated internalized stigma were recruited and 39 participants were randomized into the NECT program or treatment as usual (TAU). In the long run, the study found out that the participants who were classified as being exposed to NECT treatment demonstrated improved outcome measures for internalized stigma including self-stigma and insight. As a result, the researchers concluded that NECT is an effective approach toward treating internalized stigma even though the findings did not show any significant differences between the group-based therapy and treatment as usual (TAU) (Yanos et al., 2012). Nonetheless, the small sample size may have limited the ability of the researchers to find out any significant differences between the two forms of treatment. On the other hand, this study forms a framework upon which future studies should be based on in order to find out more about the effectiveness of this type of group therapy in addressing cases of elevated internalized stigma.

Workgroups who loses focus of the main objective are most likely less productive.

The members of a primary group must have more or less the same background. There must be some approximations in their levels of experience. Each must have something to contribute, to give as well as to take. The person “who is too far above or below it, disturbs the process of group participation”. This is essential even for the easy interplay of personali­ties in the family, the play group, the gang etc.

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Group members tend to reassess their worthiness in the group compared to other members.

Estrella Mountain Community College, Office of Planning and Institutional Effectiveness, “Summer 2005 Student Focus Group & Survey on Classroom Design,” July 19, 2005

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If active and collaborative learning and teaching is more effective than lecture methods and individually based learning, why haven’t classroom environments changed to support them? If instructor-directed, competitive environments result in lower retention scores and higher attrition, why do students continue to sit in immovable desks—“soldiers in a row”, as one community college professor observed—rather than organized in groups at tables or sitting in a circular arrangement? Why haven’t classroom spaces evolved to support kinetic teaching and dynamic learning?

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Supervisory Relationship

Counseling supervision entails that persons in a therapeutic role are supervised by a peer for the purpose of professional and personal development. The supervisor makes recommendations according to his or her observations, and helps the counselor to perform better or to make modifications for the benefit of the patients. Supervision could also occur in a group setting, where several therapists are involved in the supervisory role (Holloway 1995: 21).

In the United Kingdom, all counselors are required to undergo supervision, regardless of elements such as experience or perceived performance. The reason for this is that it is often seen by both professional supervising bodies and therapists themselves as ethically imperative. In the United States, however, many counselors work without supervision.

This is the result of the evolution of counseling and its associated practice in the United States and in the United Kingdom. In the former, supervision is required……

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That way the next time we meet I can help steer the group in the right direction. For example, I once realized that we wasted a lot of time at the beginning of the meetings with small talk because everyone was afraid to be the first to start. The next time we met I just started talking. I also believe that we share common values like cooperation, commitment, competence, and positive collaboration.

4. Assumes responsibilities for interrelating with groups and units and reporting results to group members.

I have gathered information from individuals in the group and from our collective meetings. Then I will let the group decide in a democratic fashion. We often have question and answer sessions, which gives the opportunity for all individuals to voice their concerns in a safe and supportive environment. I am always willing to act as a mediator or an intermediary between members……