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The essay topic regarding “engendered” has been quoted from Human Development Report 1995 by UNDP. The Report analyses the progress made in reducing gender disparities in the past few decades, highlighting the wide and persistent gap between women’s expanding capabilities and limited opportunities.

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From the context it is clear that you are making a claim about the effect of traditional gender roles on us. What's not clear is what these positive or negative influences might be. So an example would be helpful. Formally, it looks like you are giving an example in the next sentence. After all, it begins with the words "for example." But it's not clear what the example is an example of. What different types of environments are you imagining? What different kinds of expectations are you imagining? Most importantly, what is it you think happens, what effects ensue, when husband and wife are raised in different environments with different expectations? You are asking your reader to answer these questions for himself or herself. In that case, you may as well ask your reader to write your essay for you. Best wishes, EJ.

Essay on the gender difference in history: women in China and Japan.

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A concrete argument is one where your meaning is specific and clear, not general and vague. Consider this sentence from your essay [again, I have corrected one spelling error]:

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Your essay does not answer any of these questions and when I get to the end, I still have no strong idea of what you actually think about gender roles, traditional or not. For instance, I don't know whether you think that a woman's proper place is in the home and that allowing women to take up positions of importance in political, religious, or economic life will result eventually and ineluctably in the collapse of civilization, or whether you think instead that the division of labor in society along gendered lines is the result of unjustifiable discrimination barely veiled by condescending talk of the sensitivities and fragility of the fairer sex. Of course, you don't have to think either of those things exactly, but you ought to think something, or if you don't want to reveal your own opinion on the matter, you ought to at least investigate what others have thought and why.

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With the spelling mistake corrected, your last sentence would read: "We need to look at the correct gender roles whether it is a traditional one or a modern one." This is your conclusion. The sentence in which you synthesize for your reader the claims and arguments of your essay as a whole. The sentence raises a few questions for me: Who is the "we" that constitutes the subject of the sentence? What are "correct" gender roles? How do we decide the question of correctness? What exactly is entailed in "looking at" correct gender roles? Does not the idea that there might be such a thing as "correct gender roles" in both "traditional" cultures and "modern" cultures mean the concept of "correctness" is relative? What do the terms "traditional" and "modern" really mean here? If "modern," for instance, is a term you don't want to apply to Qatar today, then "modern" can't mean "of the present time," so what does it mean? Why do we need to look at correct gender roles? What would the goal of doing that be? What happens when we do that? What happens when you do that?

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Discrimination c. Less opportunities • Gender equality Gender Inequality In Pakistan Essay in Pakistan • Suggestions to end gender inequality a. Role of media Gender Inequality In Pakistan Essay b. Strong legislation