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When I applied for my Fulbright ETA to Sri Lanka, I reached back to my days in Boy Scouts to talk about how I hoped to find a Troop in Sri Lanka to work with as a side project. I used my experiences consulting on fair trade businesses in Kenya to talk about my desire to work on economic development issues in Sri Lanka. I also used my experience tutoring English while studying abroad in China as an example of my teaching skills. I talked about the Fulbright as a way to set myself in corporate America, and how I view business as a way of creating positive social change.

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Over the past year I have been getting a lot of requests from students in Pakistan on sharing a sample personal statement for the Fulbright scholarship.The Fulbright Scholarship program website is extensive, including everything from statistics on the previous year’s competition to advice about how to prepare your personal essay.You know how if you have an unproductive summer vacation—or even winter break—you return to school unsure of how to hold a pencil? Taking a break from higher education to do nothing will be a lot harder to pick up again. You’ll return to Grad School not knowing what a library or essay is. If you do the Fulbright scholarship though you’ll have plenty of raw fresh experience and your skills will have increased which is helpful because if you thought you’re bachelor’s degree was hard wait until you go for your masters.