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Culture defines the lifestyle of human beings in various ways. However, this has affected the health of people in the long run due to adherence to these cultures. “The spirit catches you and You Fall Down” by Anne Fadiman explores the repercussion s associated with the various cultures existing in the different human populations. In this book, cross-cultural impacts on the field of medicine as a result of ethics are examined. This is addressed through the story of Lia Lee, a small Hmong child who was suffering from epilepsy. As a contrast to the rest of the children who were born in a filthy environment without assistance, Lia is born in a modern hospital with the prospects of a better life as compared to other kids from her community (Fadiman 1997).

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In "A Piece of Cotton," an essay about the American flag, Fadiman writes, "In the weeks after September 11, I saw for the first time that the flag...has multiple meanings....The red, white, and blue turban worn by the Sikh umbrella vendor a friend walked past in Dupont Circle, not far from the White House, meant

Anne Fadiman (born August 7, 1953 in ) is an essayist and reporter.

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To those who have read her work, Anne Fadiman is the object of cultish devotion. Her writing first appeared in Britain in 1999, with the publication of Ex Libris , a rare and enchanting celebration of bibliophilia; one woman's salute to words like 'sesquipedalian', 'apopanax' and 'goetic', to the romance of flyleaf dedications, and to the joy of reading aloud. It turned out that Fadiman was not just an essayist but also edited the venerable literary quarterly, The American Scholar. Many writers chose Ex Libris as their book of the year.

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Ms Fadiman has come to London for the launch of her next volume of essays, At Large and At Small: Confessions of a Literary Hedonist (Penguin pounds 12.99), declaring that her interests are 'presbyopic' (at large), while her focus remains 'myopic' (at small). Born in 1953, she grew up reading British writers: CS Lewis, Tolkien and Frances Hodgson Burnett. 'There was a strong Anglophilic streak,' she remembers. Her favourite essayists are Virginia Woolf and EB White.

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Since then Anne Fadiman has continued to follow her literary nose. In 2004 she fell out with the management of The American Scholar over her policy of making the magazine a 'wildlife preserve for the endangered species of the essay', got fired, became a New England literary cause celebre, and was hired by Yale as writer-in-residence. Recently she has successfully battled breast cancer, and still writes as she pleases, on butterflies and insomnia, on her favourite topic, Antarctic explorers, and on English writers such as Coleridge, Carroll and Lamb. Who else could compose a sentence such as, 'I decided that anyone who used the word whiffling deserved further investigation'?

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f, in the early New Year, you should happen to see an elfin, almost girlish-looking, middle-aged mother of two buying liquid nitrogen at a medical supplies shop in western Massachusetts, don't panic. It's only Anne Fadiman, essayist and literature professor, indulging her passion for home-made ice-cream. (We'll come to that in a minute.)

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Author Anne Fadiman maintains that, although there are plenty of critical and personal essays to read, the familiar essay is a dying art form. She’s probably right, as I didn’t even understand the term at first. She defines critical essays as containing more brain than heart, while personal essays have more heart than brain. The familiar essay, Fadiman says, is equal measures of both and, in this book she delivers exceptionally well.