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Diversity in clubs and extracurricular activities plays an important role in adolescent lives and futures. Exposure to diverse groups can help promote adolescents to become socially intelligent and responsible adults. However, being immersed in diverse populations is not enough, as it is only beneficial if members engage with each other. More meaningful interactions with diverse peers allows people to acquire traits such as more socially responsible leadership skills. Furthermore, participating in ethnic clubs allowed minority groups to feel more connected to their culture and allowed others to gain knowledge and understanding of other cultures. This has two key benefits: first, oppressed minority groups have a safe place to feel a sense of belonging to their cultural roots and background, and second, people of differing ethnic backgrounds have an opportunity to learn more about other cultures, thus becoming more culturally competent. Correlational studies showed positive relationships with involvement in ethnic/cultural clubs and intellectual and psychosocial development, multicultural competence, interpersonal skills, and leadership. Additionally, in school settings, interracial friendships positively impacted the individuals involved and the school culture as a whole. This demonstrates the importance of implementing multiculturalism into school environments, both academically and in extracurricular activities. It is important to continue research on incorporating multiculturalism and ethnic/cultural clubs into schools. Creating a multicultural competent environment for diverse student populations allows them to engage with others, openly discuss possible biases and stereotypes, and form meaningful intergroup relationships. If this is implemented at a young age, it is more likely to carry into adulthood, thus molding a more socially and culturally competent adult.

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The as well as many individual college applications group together extracurricular activities with community service, volunteer work, family activities and hobbies. Honors are a separate category since they are a recognition of achievement, not an actual activity. The list below provides some examples of activities that would be considered "extracurricular" (note that many of the categories below overlap):

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Extracurricular activity can be self organised by the student or facilitated on the student's behalf. For example,  is such a facilitator.

Numerous investigations made in the sphere, including the survey conducted by Juan Antonio Moriana, Francisco Alós and other psychologists, fix the significant differences in performance in favor of students involved in academic-type extracurricular activities in comparison to those involved in sports. The results testify to the fact that groups involved in activities outside the school day yielded better academic performance (Moriana & Alós, 2006). In addition, the statistics given in the research entitled Participation Makes a Difference: Extracurricular Activities at the Secondary Level and Educational Success: Research Report vividly shows the participation of secondary students in extracurricular activities and the positive effects on the students and the atmosphere of the school as well as students’ academic progress and ambitions. According to the research, eighty-eight percent of students participated in at least one extracurricular activity in during the years 2002 and 2003; eighty-five percent took part in activities outside the school. It is established that there is a strong relation between the perception of the level of participation in extracurricular activities at school and the school atmosphere. Atmosphere at school is linked to the students’ academic results and their academic ambition.

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Extracurricular activities are simply anything you do that is not a high school course or paid employment (but note that paid work experience is of interest to colleges and can substitute for some extracurricular activities). You should define your extracurricular activities in broad terms—many applicants make the mistake of thinking of them solely as school-sponsored groups such as yearbook, band or football.

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Please briefly elaborate on one of your extracurricular activities or work experiences in the space below or on an attached sheet (150 words or fewer). Extracurriculars allow students to pursue interests outside of a standardized academic context. A student with a flair for mathematics, for example, might become a member of the school’s math honor society program. This decision could help them decide if math will be something to pursue in higher education. Students can also use these activities to explore interests they’ve never encountered, exposing students to a more diverse range of interests in students.The main motto of extracurricular activities is personality development. These are the activities which promotes students to take up their study in a healthy manner. All-round development as well as intellectual development is not the domain of curriculum, these characteristics can be judiciously fulfilled by co-curricular activities. Extracurricular activities include bands, sports, student newspaper, literary, acting & drama, music, cultural activities.