It orbits the sun at a span of about 140 million miles

During the 1920s, French astronomer used a to study the surface properties of the Moon and planets. In 1929, he noted that the emitted from the Martian surface is very similar to that radiated from the Moon, although he speculated that his observations could be explained by frost and possibly vegetation. Based on the amount of sunlight scattered by the Martian atmosphere, he set an upper limit of 1/15 the thickness of the Earth's atmosphere. This restricted the surface pressure to no greater than 2.4 (24 ). Using spectrometry, in 1947 the Dutch-American astronomer detected in the Martian atmosphere. He was able to estimate that the amount of carbon dioxide over a given area of the surface is double that on the Earth. However, because he overestimated the surface pressure on Mars, Kuiper concluded erroneously that the ice caps could not be composed of frozen carbon dioxide. In 1948, American meteorologist determined that the formation of the thin Martian clouds would only require 4 mm (0.16 in) of water precipitation and a of 0.1 kPa (1.0 mbar).

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As the most Earth-like planet, Mars has held special interest, in that it is the most likely place in the Solar System that could have supported at least primitive life. So leaving aside little green men, or H.G. Wells' depressing creatures in The War of the Worlds, the question is posed: "Was there life on Mars?"

Looking up at Mars from Earth the planet Mars appears fiery red

“The more astronomy we know the less likely it seems that other planets are inhabited: even Mars has practically no oxygen.”

(To be published in: Plate tectonics, Stories of Discovery, editors, N. Oreskes and H. LeGrand, . Indeed, this is the current NASA Exploring Mars Discovering Earth Essay strategy for exploring Mars.

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