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Born near Dortmund in Germany, Peter Skrzynecki is an Australian poet of Polish and Ukrainian origin. At the age of four, Skrzynecki and his parents flee from their destructed nation Poland to a land where most refugees are promised freedom, peace and harmony Australia. Immigrant Chronicles is a collection of his poems depicting his journey reflecting on the hardships and the memories he experienced. In this essay I will analyse two poems from his collection which includes Crossing the Red

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The impact of journeys have a major impact on the person as they can often outlast the time it takes to make them, as there are obstacles to overcome and goals that they traveller wants to achieve. Journeys that are physical are able to involve the exploration of new and challenging environments, equipping the traveller with fresh perspectives and experiences and sights of the world around them. A variety of visual and written techniques are explored in poems Crossing the Red Sea and Migrant Hostel by Peter Skrzynecki and the ABC documentary From Cronulla to Kokoda - Alis Story. The process of the journey is portrayed through phases of movement and standstills, allowing the traveller to reflect on the impact of the trip and the time it took to make them.

Crossing the Red Sea concerns the physical journey of immigration by sea, from Europe to the Southern Hemisphere. Peter Skrzynecki has used a variety of techniques which include imagery, personification, symbolism and setting throughout this poem. Setting has been used throughout The Crossing of the Red Sea, Shirtless, in shorts, barefooted in the first standz focuses on the people in particular. It shows the heat and adds an impression of poverty. The sunken eyes in the second stanza adds to the description of the people, it suggests past pain, hunger and despair theyve experienced. However, the second stanza also proves imagery with peaks of mountains and green rivers, the mood has been changed from negative to positive and suggests life and hope. In the last stanza personification is shown with a blood rimmed horizon and the crossing of the Red Sea. The tone is hopeful but there is also a realisation that theres no going back due to the journey that was

Migrant Hostel is another people which describes vividly the experience of an unpleasant part of the migrant journey, similar to Crossing the Red Sea, this poem is about immigration to Australia in post world war. Skrzynecki has us...