I refer to your essay about Emotion vs Thoughts.

First, I’m going to ask if you truly mean wounded. That would indicate the protagonist will die from his wounds. I’m guessing that instead you merely mean severely wounded both physically and emotionally. (If he really does die from either the physical or emotional wounds, most of what I include here will still apply.)

An emotion has five distinct qualities: facticity, amount, consciousness, label and value.

is another way to help parties manage their emotions. Victims of and often feel , helpless, and hopeless. Other emotional responses that commonly result from trauma include depression, intense , and anxiety. One strategy that can help parties to acknowledge and deal with trauma and hidden emotions is . Some theorists point out that one reason that protracted conflicts get so "stuck" is that disputants do not feel deeply heard by one another or the world at large. Often this is because parties delete their emotions from the narratives they tell about conflict. The "story that each side tells to itself and others about the conflict" does not mention the anger, hurt feelings, humiliation, and shame that parties have experienced. In order to resolve their conflict, parties must begin to acknowledge their hidden feelings in a way that leaves dignity intact. People should have a chance to tell their stories of pain and oppression. The "truth-telling" that occurred in South Africa, for example, allowed both black and white citizens to express some of their emotions and begin to change their shared narrative. [21] Some other ways to begin the process of emotional healing and include testimonies, memorials, and group ceremonies.

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and anxieties, anger, and sadness. · Motivating oneself: Channeling emotions in

The has become an increasingly popular topic recently, with some scholars[] arguing that it is an category of analysis, not unlike , , or . Historians, like other social scientists, assume that emotions, feelings and their expressions are regulated in different ways by both different cultures and different historical times, and the school of history claims even that some sentiments and , for example , are learnt and not only regulated by culture. Historians of emotion trace and analyse the changing norms and rules of feeling, while examining emotional regimes, codes, and lexicons from social, cultural, or political history perspectives. Others focus on the history of , , or . What somebody can and may feel (and show) in a given situation, towards certain people or things, depends on and rules; thus historically variable and open to change. Several research centers have opened in the past few years in Germany, England, Spain, Sweden, and Australia.

your essay must not only be logical; it must also appeal to the reader’s emotions.

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The critical importance of the has usually been viewed in its relationship to Darwin's conception of as the central mechanism of evolutionary development, which he probably grasped some time around September 1838. These notes have a tentative and fragmented quality, especially in Darwin's descriptions of conversation with his father (a successful doctor with a special interest in psychiatric problems) about recurring patterns of behaviour in successive generations of his patients' families. Darwin was anxious about the materialistic drift in his thinking – and of the disrepute which this could attract in early – at the time, he was mentally preparing for marriage with his cousin who held firm Christian beliefs. On 21 September 1838, after his return to England, Darwin recorded a confused and disturbing dream in which he was involved in a public execution where the corpse came to life and claimed to have faced death like a hero. In summary: Darwin put together the central features of his evolutionary theory at the same time that he was considering a scientific understanding of human behaviour and family life – and he was in some emotional turmoil. A discussion of the significance of Darwin's early notebooks can be found in Paul H. Barrett's (1980).

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Darwin's Sources on Emotional Expression: Darwin had listened to a discussion about emotional expression at the in December 1826 when he was a medical student at Edinburgh University. This had been prompted by the publication of Sir 's ; and in his presentation, the (in a spirited account of 's ) ridiculed Bell's theological explanations, pointing instead to the striking similarities of human and animal biology. The meeting then ended in uproar. Forty-five years later, Darwin revisits these arguments and recruits 's (1862) , shifting the argument from philosophical speculation to scientific discourse. Darwin's response to Bell's neurological theories is discussed by (2001).