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Because an Associate's Degree is the minimum requirement for RN licensure in Georgia, obtaining a BSN can be a hurdle to those RNs that want to further their education and ultimately become nurse practitioners. But a lack of a Bachelor's degree shouldn't stop passionate nurses from moving forward. That's why some online programs offer a bridge option. With intensive study, nurses are able to complete a BSN and MSN degree simultaneously and graduate with the necessary educational foundation to become nurse practitioners.

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Women comprise about half of the population of the world. Science has proven that the probability of girl being born is more than probability of a boy’s. This implies that by natural selection, the homosapiens chose a girl over a boy. Or for that matter, a religious man would say, God has created men and women equal. But where ever we see, we see a divide between the status of men and women. Girls are treated differently. They are paid less for similar. They are preferred in jobs like secretary, nurse, model, air hostess etc, while men take jobs like engineers, doctors, entrepreneurs, CEOs, Plane pilots etc. It’s the way we have perceived them since our childhood, as caring, loving, homebound women.

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I have been reading many of the comments on this site. I last nursed in 1997. However, my exit from nursing was not to bring up a family. My exit from nursing was as a result of being bullied, framed and having my nursing career destroyed by senior nurses who should have known better. I was working at a very well known teaching hospital in Sydney, near Kings Cross. I also kept up my registration, in the hope that I could again gain the confidence to return to nursing. When AHPRA was formed, I wished to continue on the roll. I had continued to do this, however, as a non-practising RN. When I inquired at AHPRA about returning to nursing, I was shocked at the $10,000 price tag and also the return to univ and sit for the BN all over again. This plus the HECS debt that took some time to pay off since it was introduced in 1993. Now I am on Newstart, after being a fulltime carer for an aged parent. No longer a primary carer, the government just places people who no longer care for an individual on Newstart. So not only did I lose my profession through the unprofessional actions of those who should have been there to support and encourage best practice, I now, at 58 have to try and live on $515 per fortnight. Not all nurses are like the ones I sadly encountered. Many are great people, wonderful colleagues and fantastic nurses and mentors. No use crying over spilt milk or I guess one could use this saying in nursing terms, a spilt bedpan.

Wow I know exactly how you feel!!!
I have just a few weeks ago, mid Dec. 2011 put in the application form to AHPRA, and paid the money etc.
I guess I know what the answer will be, before even getting a formal reply.
I also lived o/s, for well the last 20 years.
Worked in nursing as a school nurse full time.
It’s not a very common job here. Also overseas I was not required to be registered. As just being trained in Australia was very highly considered.
Now I’ve come back home to register and work in my profession.
I felt that I would probably have to do a retraining course of some time.
With the lack of nurses I presumed that it would be government funded.
What is going on here in Australia??????
Elise if you get any guidance I would really appreciate if you could share it with me on this.
As I really feel my career here in Australia has gone down the drain in my absence. And feel really confused as to what to do now.
I didn’t find the staff at APHRA to be rude, but yes quiet indifferent!!!!!I didn’t actually realise, the new cost of being an EN… yes, the cost is far more than returning to be being an RN. The position of attracting former Nurses back to the profession is nothing more than a HOAX…. the obvious reality is, that the Government has priced most people out of that decision, and for others, the time and effect to re’do a BASIC undergraduate Nursing program is simplely unreralistic…
GORDOAsk the relevant unions what they are doing to address the situation & then ask the president of the ACTU how these issues are being addressed. Ms Kearney was a nurse and should have some insight into the situation.I had a rude awakening after a few years out of hospital having and raising my children, to start back on a re connect program, to find at the end of it, I could not gain permanent employment that took another 3 years, withing 6mths , I quit, and went into general practice, oh I learn’t alot about the MBS and billing of Drs to medicare, the subtle way a consultation is billed can increase the payment to the doctor for printing a routine blood test and immunisations they bill medicare for our services, whislt they walk into another consult, all the time being paid for the work we do and we are on an hourly rate, the final straw came when, I was to on sell vaccinations for a profit, being an old lady, I thought stuff it back to Uni to do something , to increase my understanding of something completely new but related to understanding to the full extent how badly run the health systems are making the model totally unattractive to newcomers, funly enough I did my under grad nursing at sydney Uni those 400 funded places when the course ended , were never delegated out to other universities(UTS or UWS) they just ended, never to be replaced till now, so in real terms the govt saved since Sydney stopped its under grad nursing course, expenditure on 400 nurses the interest on the money kept in limbo for all these years pays for the 1000 extra it nominally already new it could afford, at a Union push , by the Interest gained on the original loss of 400 from the BN @ Sydney, Now my Major is Accounting and Business