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Download Now and Read Conversations With Susan. Sontag Conversations With Susan Sontag Find loads of the conversations with susan sontag book catalogues in. With the publication of her first book, Against Interpretation, in. Susan sontag on photography pdf One of the most highly regarded books of its kind.

Sontag, Susan. “In Plato’s Cave.” On Photography. New York, Picador, 1977. Print.

Photography's inferior but inexorable version of reality is the bases of On Photography. Sontag discusses in the six essays not only the philosophical Sontag Essay Prompt question of

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“Susan Sontag’s essays are great interpretations, and even fulfillments, of what is really going on.”—Carlos Fuentes

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In 1977, Sontag published the series of essays . These essays are an exploration of photographs as a collection of the world, mainly by travelers or tourists, and the way we experience it. In the essays, she outlined her theory of taking pictures as you travel:

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Sontag was born Susan Rosenblatt in , the daughter of Mildred (née Jacobson) and Jack Rosenblatt, both of and descent. Her father managed a fur trading business in China, where he died of in 1939, when Susan was five years old. Seven years later, Sontag's mother married U.S. Army Captain Nathan Sontag. Susan and her sister, Judith, took their stepfather's surname, although he did not adopt them formally. Sontag did not have a religious upbringing and claimed not to have entered a synagogue until her mid-20s. Remembering an unhappy childhood, with a cold, distant mother who was "always away," Sontag lived on , then in , and later in the in , where she took refuge in books and graduated from at the age of 15. She began her undergraduate studies at the but transferred to the in admiration of its famed . At Chicago, she undertook studies in philosophy, ancient history and literature alongside her other requirements. , Joseph Schwab, Christian Mackauer, , and were among her lecturers. She graduated at the age of 18 with an and was elected to . While at Chicago, she became best friends with fellow student . In 1951, her work appeared in print for the first time in the winter issue of the .

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Sontag was active in writing and speaking about, or travelling to, areas of conflict, including during the and the . She wrote extensively about photography, culture and media, and illness, human rights, and communism and leftist ideology. Although her essays and speeches sometimes drew controversy, she has been described as "one of the most influential critics of her generation."

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Susan Sontag (; January 16, 1933 – December 28, 2004) was an American writer, film-maker, teacher, political activist. She published her first major work, the essay "", in 1964. Her best-known works include , , , , , , , and .