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Prevention is better than cure. Out of the country’s health budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventive measure.

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Healthy generation. What shall we do to achieve this goal? from my point of view there should be several changes in the sphere of health care. Despite the fact the a vast quantity of money is spending in this there are still considerable drawbacks occurring. To solve the problem, as I mentioned above, we should change money delivery system.

To be suit for norms of modern era we should, at least, invest some fraction of money spending for healthy cure. Cause of it in this era, cure itself costs a great deal of money. If we spent even 1 portion out of billion for health education and measures of prevention we will succeeded. It shows both how huge is amount spent for cure and how prevention is effective.

Health care - thinking about current moment.
Health prevention - thinking about future

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As a traditional allopathic physician I have long felt that some of my patients who restrict their diets for their health had crossed into an unhealthy state of excessive control and malnutrition. They seemed like a sub type of anorexics. Recently I heard from one of theses patients that her son had been diagnosed with orthorexia and was near death. I had never heard this word before and was curious. Googling it brought me to this website and this essay. You have made a tremendous contribution by bringing this idea to the fore from your position in alternative medicine. I can’t say these things nearly as convincingly as you because my criticism would just seem like distrust of alternative medicine. Now perhaps it is time for me to publish on a condition I know well and have contributed to more than once: compulsive polypharmacy! We should all be so honest with ourselves about the harm we can cause with our most tightly held beliefs and practices. Bravo!

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The Importance of Healthy Living. I am fortunate to have learned the importance of health early in my life, If you enjoyed this essay.

Health and wellness can be an interesting topic to write about in your next essay. There is a wealth of information available on the internet that you can research and gather for such a topic. While it might be easy to write simply a general piece on this idea, it is always advisable to choose a more definite subject under the umbrella topic of health and wellness. This will guide a more streamlined narrative for your essay and make it a more interesting read. The following are some interesting topic prompts on the subject that can help you get started.

This essay sample explores the concept of mental health from various perspectives. If you need help with your psychology paper, this one may come in handy.

Essay On The Importance of Physical Fitness. their own importance in each individuals life and everyone should be sensible with regard to these for a healthy life.

Healthcare is an issue that affects us all. This sample essay examines the aspects of Medicare and how it aids, and in some cases, excludes some Americans.

Importance of Yoga, Essay on Importance of Yoga, Paragraph about Yoga, Why Yoga is so Important for Our Health, Importance of Yoga For Healthy Life.

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The Importance Of Having A Healthy Lifestyle Health Essay. Print the impacts of having a healthy lifestyle by making a health Saudis in modern life.

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