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Tornadoes can be monsters, giants forming in the skies and coming down to earth to wreck havoc and destroy lives and infrastructure. If you live in one of several states where a tornado is likely so strike, you should have a survival plan because one day your life may count on it. It could be tomorrow. Disaster preparedness can go a long way here.

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The direct or indirect impacts of disasters, either natural or technological, are always damage, destruction and death. They cause loss of life of both men and animals and properties as well. At the occurrence of disaster, everything goes haywire in view of the destruction of lifeline support systems, namely communication, power supply, water supply, drainage, etc. In this situation the health care and hospitals are also put under severe stress. Commercial and economic activities are badly affected. Life almost comes to a standstill.

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For this paper, you are to analyze a natural disaster related to one of the
topics covered this quarter (severe weather, tropical cyclones, coastal hazards,
or climate change) that occurred in your hometown. The event does not have to
be recent. Your paper should discuss the science of the natural and human
aspects of the disaster, including the following topics: the physical and human
geography of the place where the disaster occurred, the meteorological
phenomena that led to the event, the effects of the disaster on the local people,
and the mitigation efforts that were in place as well as what, if anything, could
have been done better. This is not simply a recitation of a news story. Be sure
to thoroughly discuss the meteorological conditions that led to the event as well
as the relevant issues of human preparedness and disaster mitigation.

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Natural Disasters happen when the effects of a natural hazard cause serious problems for the people they affect, either in maintaining or improving their standard of living. This can be an economic effect (destroying crops for example), a social one (e. g. families being separated), or both. We can’t stop natural hazards; they are a feature of our planet. We can stop many natural disasters. Natural disasters are easier to prevent than many other environmental problems. Today, there is more scientific knowledge and technological know-how than ever before to predict the effects a hazard might have before it strikes.

Natural disasters are essentially disasters caused by nature, outside of man’s control. They can happen all over the world, anywhere that humans (and arguably

In conclusion, the disaster preparedness priority area of the NDRRMP offers strategic actions that help people to improve their awareness and understanding through information dissemination, contingency planning, and conduct of drills and development of natural disaster management plans. However, to ensure these services and operations, the other three key priority areas must be properly handled too because they work as a whole. Revisions on the NDRRMP are to be made depending on the observations of concerned sectors to achieve the goals in the most effective way. The Philippines have very good established disaster preparedness plans and in fact, it is considered as one of the well-prepared countries when it comes to natural disasters. The goals and activities presented above are very important because not only properties but lives will be destroyed if people will neglect disaster preparedness and it also show that both authorities and the community must actively participate for these plans to work and for the people to attain better security.