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by great black striations that shoot in like Zeppelins sometimes these phantasmagoria are colored light
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I have often been interested to notice whereabouts on our bodily surface another animal looks to find us. The man, or even the little child, looks at the face. Is it because the voice issues thence ? Yet it is
the eyes that are watched, rather than the mouth.

* Keep it simple; you don't need an enormous subject to work with.

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search eagerly for me in the crowd, and then we shall go away together, and be crony-hearts forever after. I am constantly constructing romances, each with this identical beginning, for what could be more romantic

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and by very many different paths. Sometimes by way when I have stumbled upon a revelation of thought which presses open spiritual doors; sometimes by way of familiar music; again, and perhaps most often of aU, led home by Dame Nature, my hand
of books,
in hers.

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a pause, when in the midst of all this mad dance of time and circumstance one gets a sudden, enlarging glimpse of Truth and of Eternity. I have been home to my mother very many times,

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a period of suddenly experienced that deep sense of finding ourselves where we belonged? sense of restfulness, of home-coming, of general rightness and well-being ? It

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down in obedience to that worldcommand, Be still and know that I am God, the spirit of Truth within thee.' Ah these Heaven-sent periods, when the littlenesses of Time are swept away in a great in-rushing realiza^
while the soul kneels

circuses train wild animals to perform tricks

An' him ate a lot of can'y an' got very sick, an' ven him went home to him's muvrer.' I will arise and Is not hers an exquisite baby go to my Father version of the Prodigal Son ? And has not her little tongue expressed a deep need felt by us all ? Just what I mean by a going-home to one's mother


deep truth which has come down to us from the gray dawn of Time, preserved in many an old myth? One remembers Antaeus, for instance, whose strength was
always renewed every time he touched his mother Terra, the earth. But my goddaughter's formula is