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Disadvantages of ecotourism in Ayers Rock include: (a) the unresolved protocols for socially appropriate use of the place by the aborigines, the Australian government, business operators, tourists and ecotourists; (b) the geologic pressures on the mountain due to great convergence of too many eco/tourists at a time; (c) the pressure on the fragile ecology of the place by visitors who are not socially perceptive and culturally sensitive to its ecologic-geologic-cultural preservation.

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What is the common ground shared by both countries?

What do stakeholders (including operators, visitors, locals, government officials and academics) want from ecotourism in terms of conserving the environment, working with communities and creating jobs?

How do Australian and New Zealand operators best integrate sustainable practice into their businesses?

What are recommended information sources regarding ecotourism and sustainability?

How is ecotourism best developed for long-haul travellers who wish to visit both countries with a seamless transition?

What benefits do ecotourism operators receive from marketing themselves collectively as the Oceania region instead of solely as part of their own country?

What is the relationship between Ecotourism Australia and Ecotourism NZ?

How are indigenous and Aboriginal stakeholders integrated in the design and promotion of ecotourism?

How are local and regional councils working to develop and promote ecotourism?

Can 'commerce be culturized' instead of 'culture commercialized'?

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