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Abstract for “Does Access to Condoms Help Prevent Teen Pregnancy?” My purpose for choosing this topic for my essay is purely for the fact that I know 20 girls right of the top of my head that are my age that are either pregnant or already have baby. So this topic kind of hits home for me. In Bartholomew Country alone, the teen birth rate for every 1,000 girls age 15-17 is 20.3%. That means that for out of 1,000 girls, 203 of them are going to get pregnant or have a baby before they are even out of their teens. Condoms are of the most inexpensive and accessible forms of birth control. Not only do they help to prevent pregnancy, they also help to decrease the likelihood of contracting and spreading sexually transmitted diseases. Throughout this essay, you will find research about the topic I have chosen to do this essay over.

Does access to condoms prevent pregnancy essay

does access to condoms prevent teen pregnancy Essay

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