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If you want to understand how this ideology in SFF thinks, read "The Politics of Performativity: A Critique of Judith Butler" by Dr Geoff Boucher, PARRHESIA NUMBER 1 • 2006 • 112 – 141. You'll find the same obsessive and peculiar notions and theories about the "other" "Oppressed individuals not only factually do subvertpower, they also should subvert power..." The obvious problem there is: what if you only imagine you're oppressed, as if one needed to understand is neither oppression nor hate speech. The dissonance of this feminist cult is ever present. If you actually read their essays and Twitter feeds and write about what you read, the same people who claim you get all your information from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh will suddenly berate you for not doing that. Suddenly they'll be asking why you're "stalking" them or why you're reading what you hate. Research becomes being "creepy." Aside from the fact I can't know I disagree with the material unless I read it (a favor intersectionalists won't do for the Golden Age SF they pillory by using remarks not in evidence about the field's ), it never occurs to these people I have read this material because of a wider interest, spotted disturbing common denominators, and decided to connect those dots by making a case rather than making stupid assumptions about millions of people. That is not a pre-existing bias but called discovery.

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