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An analysis of how my theoretical knowledge and understanding informs my ability to create an effective learning environment in a Key Stage 3 gymnastics lesson. This assignment will analyse in detail the planning, delivery and evaluation of a key stage 3 lesson in gymnastics. More specifically the assignment will look at how the theoretical knowledge of various teaching and learning strategies or methods are implemented into my teaching to create an effective learning environment. It is therefore important to outline what factors contribute towards an effective learning environment before continuing with this essay. Kyriacou (1998) identifies seven 'essential teaching skills' required for establishing a learning environment which are listed below: 1) Planning and preparation - skills of selecting aims and learning outcomes and the best way of achieving them. 2) Lesson presentation - skills of successfully involving pupils in the learning experience and instructional skills. 3) Lesson management - skills of organisation and management and ability to maintain pupil attention and involvement. 4) Classroom climate - skills of establishing a positive climate and attitude to learning. 5) Discipline. 6) Assessing pupils' progress - formative and summative forms. 7) Reflecting and evaluation. This essay will be divided into seven sections which will focus on analysing the Key Stage 3 gymnastics lesson using the seven areas listed above. Planning and preparation: Planning and preparation for this gymnastics lesson began with reference to the scheme of work and an evaluation of the groups' previous lesson.

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powers, the protection of civil liberties, and the ability to create a national identity, the Constitution cannot be considered anything else but . The Constitution has lasted the nation this long, and many things concerning the Constitution have been debated. But, the Constitutions effectiveness...

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“Creating a Software Engineering Culture,” Software Development, vol. 2, no. 7 (July 1994). This article describes several cultural principles about software engineering that I think are important. These principles imply certain technical practices and managerial behaviors that are conducive to creating an environment focused on software quality through effective processes.

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Knowing the tricks commercial composers use to influence consumers into purchasing their merchandise certainly aids in not being tricked in to buying something that is pointless. Many people believe that commercials are a tactic used by producers to dupe people into buying their products. "Advertising involves nothing more devious than knowing people, understanding their basic needs, and being able to communicate with them" (Seiden 3). That brings up the question of effectiveness of commercials. If one is able to see through the trickery of commercials, then they are of no help in the marketing of their products. Although some commercials are a waste of T.V. time, numerous commercials are entertaining and enjoyable to watch. Television without commercials would be admirable; however, the humorous commercials do add a touch of diversity in the everyday programming of television today. People should think less of how commercials are there to corrupt our minds into buying something, and more of the amount of work that goes into creating effective advertisements to inform the viewing people of the world of what is out there and how to obtain it.

Creating Effective Teams. Decades ago some big organisations introduced teams into their production processes and it made news because no one else was doing it.

Sitting down to watch the television today is more than just enjoying your favorite program. Commercials are a huge part of today's television programming. Seldom can we sit down and watch a show on T.V. without interruptions of commercials trying to persuade us to buy something or send somebody our money. The people behind the production of commercials use glamorous objects to appeal to the consumers and to, in turn, provoke them to buy their product. It seems to me that the effectiveness of commercials today is augmented by the humor present in them; therefore, humor is the key element in creating a quality commercial. Although humor is a practical ingredient in commercials, producers use many other methods such as sexuality, sincerity, guilt, and culinary concerns to get their message across. Furthermore, the work that goes into creating a commercial is overlooked and must be viewed in a different manner.