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Originalism, as a general family of theories which tiesconstitutional interpreters to original understandings and/orintentions, is subject to a number of objections. For example, originalintentions and understandings are often very unclear, if not largelyindeterminate, leaving the interpreter with the need to appeal toother factors.[]Sometimes the onlythings upon which joint authors can agree are the words actuallychosen. Yet another serious difficulty faced by originalism is onealluded to above: contemporary life is often very different from thelife contemplated by those who lived at the time of theconstitution's adoption. As a result, many concrete applicationsor results suggested by original intentions and understandings may nowseem absurd or highly undesirable in light of new scientific and socialdevelopments and improved moral understanding. Furthermore, modern lifeincludes countless situations that our predecessors could not possiblyhave contemplated, let alone intended or meant to be dealt with in aparticular way. The right to free speech that found its way into manyconstitutions in the early modern period could not possibly have beenunderstood (or intended) by its defenders to encompass, e.g.,pornography on the internet.

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The Framers wrote Section 8 to address serious collective action problems facing the states during the 1780s. They especially wanted to protect the states from one another in the commercial sphere and from European powers in the military sphere. States acted individually when they needed to act collectively, discriminating against interstate commerce and free riding on the contributions of other states to the national treasury and military. Moreover, Congress lacked the power to address those problems. Section 8 gave Congress the power, including the authority to tax, regulate interstate commerce, raise and support a military, and “make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof.”

United States Constitution Essay.

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We’d adopted the Freedom Charter in 1955 that set out the vision that South Africa belongs to all who live in it, black and white. And in a sense that was the key ingredient and the biggest stumbling block and ultimately the biggest springboard to the achievements, because the then South African government had a notion of protecting group rights, in particular the rights of the whites. They wanted to construct a constitutional order in which the white community, who then were 10 – 15% of the total population, but who owned 87% of the land by law and probably 95% productive capital in the country, [were protected] from being dislodged and also from being humiliated, driven into the sea, and treated in the way that they had treated the majority. And they wanted to pivot the whole constitutional order around the protection of fundamental community interests like that. And they advanced the principles of consociationalism associated very much with Professor Arend Lijphart, who is a Dutch American, who taking the example of Belgium, said there are some countries in which 50% plus one doesn’t provide a lasting democracy, deeply divided countries. What you need is some form of consociation between the different groups, each having control over affairs of fundamental importance to themselves, and then some mode of functioning by a consensus between the different community groups.

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