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High demands play a crucial role. When people are willing to buy sex, they create a market for traffickers to sexually exploit; when consumers buys services from forced labour industries, labour traffickers gain a profit incentive. Human trafficking is a low risk trade. People are ignorant to trafficking, institutions are not trained to respond, laws are ineffective to address the crime, victims have no safety nets and when the law does not prosecute the crime, traffickers perceive little risks to affect their operations.

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Equally important, trafficking must not only be universally criminalized, but traffickers must be effectively prosecuted for the crime (Birkenthal).Breaking up trafficking networks and imprisoning traffickers stops the recruitment and movement of trafficked persons. Unfortunately, it has been the most difficult of the three strategies to develop and implement. In countries with weak legal systems and corrupt police and courts, investigation of human traffickers is a rare occurrence, and conviction even rarer. Even in countries where the environment for investigation, prosecution, and conviction is favorable, the results have been disappointing (Diaz). In the United States, the national success rate in solving murder cases is about 70 percent; about 11,000 murders are solved each year. Nevertheless, the annual percentage of trafficking and slavery cases solved is less than one percent. Therefore, if 17,500 people were newly enslaved in America, the Department of Justice would only bring charges against merely 111 people for human trafficking and slavery (Bales).

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In the globalized world, everyone must take steps to end human trafficking. The global effort to combat human trafficking is organized around prevention, prosecution, and protection. Preventing the occurrence of human trafficking as well as remedying its past harms will require a global partnership of countries and governmental/non-governmental organizations. Sending countries should be the focal point of prevention strategies. Economic development, with a special emphasis on women and girls, constitutes perhaps the best long-term approach to combating human trafficking. At the same time, there is a great need for educational outreach programs to alert individuals and communities to the tricks traffickers use and the dangers of being trafficked. Anti-human trafficking education must be offered repeatedly if it is to have lasting effect (Diaz).

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Moreover, Children are trafficked to Thailand and Vietnam to beg or work on the streets selling candy or flowers or shining shoes. Some Cambodian women who migrated to Taiwan as the result of brokered international marriages were subsequently trafficked for prostitution. (United States Department of State, 4 June 2008) Although the trafficking of humans can take on different forms in different contexts, the effects of trafficking need to be considered on both an individual as well as on society. Individuals may suffer from (April Palmer lee (10/11/2004)). Human trafficking is a deliberate and blatant violation of human rights.

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If the victim even survives the experience, it could take years of therapy and psychological help to make sure that a trafficking victim is healthy not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. While some argue that that where the effects of trafficking stop, others state that human trafficking in Cambodia does indeed affect the entire country and is a large cause of poverty. There is also disagreement between whether or not the trafficking industry is affecting tourism in Cambodia, which results in a hurt economy and therefore poverty. A close second behind the nation’s textile industry, tourism is an enormous sources of currency for Cambodia.

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The people must become the eyes and the arms of the government and make this crusade their own cause. Then and only then will we see an end to human trafficking.