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But even to those who take the Bible less seriously -- to the dogmatist and the dilettante -- it must be clear that the King James Preface belongs at the beginning of the King James Bible, where its makers put it and meant it to remain; and that the reasons advanced by its publishers for omitting it are really very cogent reasons for restoring it to its rightful place.

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In Genesis 1:26, God distinguished humans from the rest of the animal creation. Only of man did God say, “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness.” He appointed man to rule over the other creatures on earth. By the way, apparently before the Flood, man was vegetarian, but after the Flood, God ordained the eating of meat (Gen. 9:3-4). The animal rights movement erroneously puts animal life on the same plane as human life. That concept stems from Hinduism, not from the Bible.

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Professor John K. Riches, at the University of Glasgow, says that "the biblical texts themselves are the result of a creative dialogue between ancient traditions and different communities through the ages", and "the biblical texts were produced over a period in which the living conditions of the writers – political, cultural, economic, and ecological – varied enormously". Timothy H. Lim, a professor of Hebrew Bible and Second Temple Judaism at the , says that the is "a collection of authoritative texts of apparently divine origin that went through a human process of writing and editing." He states that it is not a magical book, nor was it literally written by and passed to mankind. Parallel to the solidification of the Hebrew canon (c. 3rd century BCE), only the Torah first and then the Tanakh began to be translated into Greek and expanded, now referred to as the or the Greek Old Testament.

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Attitudes towards the Bible also differ amongst Christian groups. , and Christians stress the harmony and importance of the Bible and , while churches focus on the idea of , or scripture alone. This concept arose during the , and many denominations today support the use of the Bible as the only source of Christian teaching.

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This is a three volume collection of the most important published papers of James Barr (1924-2006). The papers deal with questions of theology (especially biblical theology), biblical interpretation and ideas about biblical inspiration and authority, and questions to do with biblical Hebrew and Greek, along with several lexicographical studies, essays and obituaries on major figures in the history of biblical interpretation, and a number of important reviews. Many of pieces collected here have hitherto been available only in journals and hard-to-access collections.
This collection will prove indispensable for anyone seeking a rounded picture of Barr's work. It incorporates work from every period of his academic life, and includes a number of discussions of fundamentalism and conservative biblical interpretation. Some pieces also shed light on less well-known aspects of Barr's work, such as his abiding interest in biblical chronology. Barr's characteristic incisive, clear, and forthright style is apparent throughout the collection.
The three volumes are thematically compiled. Each is accompanied by an introduction by John Barton, providing a guide to the contents.
Volume 1 begins with a biographical essay by Ernest Nicholson and John Barton. It contains major articles on theology in relation to the Bible, programmatic studies of the past and future of biblical study, and reflections on specific topics in the study of the Old Testament.
Volume 2 is concerned with detailed biblical interpretation and with the history of the discipline. It also contains material on biblical fundamentalism.
Volume 3 is a collection of Barr's extensive papers on linguistic matters relating to Biblical Hebrew and Greek, and to biblical translation in the ancient and the modern world.