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...Short Essay 2 Theology Christology – As you are going home from work, two well-dressed gentlemen accost you, handing you some literature explaining what they believe. You glance over it and are drawn to this sentence: "Jesus was a man and as such could not also be God." Seeing the puzzled look on your face, one of the men asks you what you think of this claim. Keeping this scenario in mind, answer the following questions in your essay: * What is the biblical basis for Jesus' humanity? In the Synoptic gospels, he was seen born of a woman, found lying in a cradle, growing, learning, subject to hunger, anxiety, doubt disappointment and surprise. Mark 2:15, 14:33; 15:34; Luke 2:40; 7:9, and finally to death and burial. Elwell. R.S WALLACE AND G.L. GREEN Pg 239 * What is the biblical basis for Jesus' deity? He claimed to forgive sin, thus assuming a prerogative that belong to God. Mark 2:5 – 7. He allows people to worship him, thus asserting himself as deity. Matthew 14:33, 28:9, John 20:28, 29 claimed any comparative attributes of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence. He claimed to be in heaven John 3:13 and then nature would obey his words Mark 4:39. See towns 156 Explain how Jesus can be both God and Man at the same time (Hypostatic Union). “In the incarnation of the son of God, a human nature was inseparably united forever with the divine nature into one person of Jesus Christ, yet with the two natures remain distinct, whole, and...

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The Christology’s concept was made clear, as it was completely assumed that Jesus was the savior of human being. After this analysis of Jesus, it was necessary to understand the relationship between Jesus and his holy being. The holy being of Jesus Christ is always at the point of various types of controversies and belief of the Christianity. In accordance with the Christianity, few of the orthodox Christians believe that Jesus was the God sent for serving the welfare of the people. On the other hand, in the current scenario, the liberal theologians are strictly against of the belief that Jesus is God (Wildman 285-286). Thus, this essay will study the significance of Second Vatican Council on the Church’s Patristic heritage.

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This essay has been presented with an intention of analyzing the significance of Second Vatican Council on the Church’s patristic heritage. Accordingly, that reclaimed heritage has been understood with the description of the Keresztys Christology (Part III). In the last section of the essay, a detailed study has been conducted on the ways that Christology reflects on the Latin West’s medieval heritage. The political significance of Second Vatican Council had created complexities on the profound belief of the common people on Jesus Christ.