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valued in our home, having a good name and being known as an honest upright person was critical. My mother promoted having good credit and paying off your debts. She knew the value of time management and credit worthiness long before it was popular culture. We were taught to treat others as we wanted to be treated and your word is your bond, to always honor your commitments. My mother believed our works and talents may open doors but our character will keep us there. Honest work / labor was valued in…

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Familiar as they may be to people with wide-ranging lives on-line, these arguments need to be made; not everyone who uses email and visits web-sites is at ease with social networking. However, merely bristling at anti-Facebook stereotypes or mocking the malaise that prompts them risks buying in to an exaggerated view of what is new and distinctive about the experience the site provides, while ignoring the increased cross-cultural complexity of such malaise today. Concern about the future of sociability has been evolving in the West for more than a century, as the spread of a consumption-driven economy has distributed imperatives of self-marketing and self-display to ever-widening populations. Today, the deliberate inculcation of what Henri Lefebvre (1984) called ‘controlled consumption' to drive economic growth in developing countries is carrying those imperatives across multiple societies with historically differing concepts of what counts as proper subjectivity. With a little adaptation, Veblen's 1899 work on the leisure class provides us with ample material for a rip-snorting essay on vicarious consumption and the ‘predaceous temper' on Facebook. However, it is more illuminating to reread Veblen alongside detailed accounts by worried Chinese critics of the PRC's strategic production of consumerism and ‘popular culture' after Deng Xiaoping's Southern Tour (see Wang) in 1992; Bao, for example, examines how behaviours, tastes and interests befitting new urban personality types were minutely modelled for the readers of a popular newspaper, Shanghai Weekly.

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Multiculturalism: Key Issues and Sources. opinion relating to multiculturalism. This paper is organised under and Multiculturalism in Australia

Pardon? We must placate Muslim Australians by restricting our freedom to say something critical of their culture, for example, extremists being so prone to jihad? Of course other ethnic and religious groups – not least Jews – also fought to save these restrictions. But make no mistake: muzzling Australians is now seen as necessary to please migrant communities. Among Liberal backbenchers who fought Abbott’s changes, none was louder than Craig Laundy, whose seat of Reid has a Muslim minority comprising 10 per cent of the vote … politicians are now so desperate for these blocs of ethnic votes that they sacrifice Australian values to accommodate imported ones.

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Australian culture. Your response should consider at least three themes covered in this essay which may include ethnic diversity, wealth and poverty, religion, gender, globalisation and youth.

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The Legacies Of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian Art, History and Cultural Politics by Jaynie Anderson, Christopher R. Marsha

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