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2. All right. It's time to get serious. The second half of your first paragraph does a better job of doing what I suggested last time (if I recall correctly) you ought to do in your opening paragraph: here you are clarifying the specific topics you'll be discussing in the essay; you specifically mention your two approaches to solving problems. That's better than just saying something like "in this essay, I will discuss my two approaches to problem solving." The only problem with this part of the paragraph is the expression "But when it comes to me," which is perhaps a negligibly small waste of space, time, and broadband, but it's a waste nonetheless.

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We all have problems in life, and everyone has their own approach to problem solving. When I am faced with a dilemma, my solution is to talk to someone about it, preferably a person who is older and more experienced than I am. There are two reasons why I feel this way, which I will explore in the following essay.

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