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The final Shakespeare friend I'm going to mention is Thomas Russell. Hewas one of two overseers of Shakespeare's will, an honor which implies aclose friendship. Russell was born in 1570, six years after Shakespeare;his father, Sir Thomas Russell, had been a Member of Parliament. SirThomas died when Thomas Jr. was four, and the boy was brought up by hismother and her second husband, Sir Henry Berkeley, in very comfortablecircumstances. He was educated at Queen's College, Oxford, and in 1590 hemarried Katherine Bampfield. Unfortunately, Katherine and one of their twodaughters died around 1595, after which Russell moved to Alderminster,about four miles south of Stratford. He certainly was familiar withStratford around this time, since he sued a Stratford butcher, WilliamParry, for debt in 1596. In 1599 he began wooing Anne Digges, the widowedmother of Leonard Digges, (future Shakespeare eulogist) and Dudley Digges(future knight and Member of Parliament). Anne had a London house inPhilips Lane, Aldermanbury, just around the corner from John Heminges andHenry Condell, and she also had an estate in Rushock, Worcestershire, a fewmiles from Heminges's birthplace of Droitwich. Unfortunately, Russell andAnne Digges could not get married right awaybecause of the onerous conditions of her husband's will, but in 1600 sheand her children moved in with Russell anyway, at his estate inAlderminster. In 1601 Russell tried to buy Clopton House, the largesthouse in Stratford, two years after Shakespeare had bought New Place, thesecond largest house in Stratford; but in the end William Clopton refusedto complete the sale. In 1603, Russell finally married Anne Diggesofficially, and they divided their time between Alderminster and Rushockuntil his death in 1634. (Anne survived her husband by three years, eventhough she was 15 years older.)

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‘King Lear’ written by Shakespeare examines the protagonist, king Lear, who has experiences the tragic ending due to his disease of madness, which it has similarity with ‘Tuesday with Morrie’ …

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In a world of changing customs and loyalties where 'the funeral baked meats / Did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables', Hamlet is certain only of his love for his father and his grief at his death. In terms of this certainty, he sees how the mourning of the others was merely a pose, an affectation: even his mother did not mourn for her husband longer than 'a beast that wants discourse of reason'. But he also sees how his behaviour, springing from his inmost self, must look like a pose 'a man might play' to those who cannot see beyond the forms to the things they signify, and in whom self-interest is the dominant force. He may be right or wrong in thinking this. Probably, Shakespeare means us to see Hamlet as more right than not, because the whole play is mediated to us through his tortured self-consciousness. But that is not in point. Right or wrong, he sees himself in the right: sees the rest given over to a folly that he cannot cure, at best degrading, at worst criminal: sees that other people do not see him as a person, but only as a mask. This sense of his own isolation brings him to the despair that drives people mad, or makes them kill themselves:

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No formal is complete without its attribution. For a Shakespeare quote, you need to provide the play title, followed by act, scene, and line number. It is a good practice to italicize the title of the play. Here is an example:

William Shakespeare is one of the most outstanding authors off all time, whose contribution into the world literature can be compared to an eternal ocean.

You can make your essays interesting by adding a famous quote. And there is nobody better than Shakespeare to quote in an essay! But, many students feel inhibited in quoting Shakespeare. Sometimes they fear that they may end up using the quote in the wrong context. At other times, they fear that they may not quote verbatim, owing to the archaic Shakespearan expressions. If you wish to learn how to quote Shakespeare, you have reached the right place.

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