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A. There are numerous effects and problems caused by the fact that the population of the U.K. appears to be growing older. Throughout this essay i will attempt to identify these numerous problems, which include economic implications, social implications, Pension factors etc. Then i will attempt to round the essay off with an effective conclusion which will identify the key body of my text and give a general consensus of what i have stated.

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Australia's population aged 65 and older is projected to increase from 2.5 million (about 12 per cent of the population) in 2002 to 4.2 million in 2021 (about 18 per cent of the projected population) (Department of Health and Ageing 2002, p. 5). The ageing of the population is driven by declines in fertility and increased longevity. The working-age population that will provide most of the income to support these people will barely increase from 13.2 million to 15.1 million, while the youth population is expected to remain more or less the same. This means there is likely to be a higher level of dependence on government-funded health and ageing services. This may have a significant impact on local government.

comes from the French word logistique, which means to compute. Population regulation is a density-dependent process, meaning that population growth rates are regulated by the density of a population. Think of the analogy of a thermostat. When the temperature is too hot, the thermostat turns on the AC to decrease the temperature back to . When the temperature is too cold, the thermostat turns on the heater to increase the temperature back to homeostasis. Likewise with density dependence, whether the population density is high or low, population dynamics returns the population density to homeostasis. Homeostasis is the set point, or , defined as K.Population dynamics has traditionally been the dominant branch of , which has a history of more than 210 years, although more recently the scope of mathematical biology has greatly expanded. The first principle of population dynamics is widely regarded as the exponential law of , as modeled by the . The early period was dominated by studies such as the work of and in the early 19th century, who refined and adjusted the Malthusian demographic model.