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Yet, I had to complete this article and to do so I had to find the necessary freedom to express myself and say what I had to say. To gain access to this freedom I concluded that there was no way I could cover the subject in such a way as to avoid making this article anything else but an educated statement about what being an artist is. I therefore say it loud and clear, right here right now before we delve into the heart of the heart of Being an Artist: this essay represents my opinion of what being an artist is. Your opinion might differ. My way is not the only way and your opinion may be just as valid.

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The final point in this regard is that it doesn’t really matter to me, as an artist, how good art comes about. What matters is that it does come about and that it exists. That some people explain the creation of art through luck is fine with me. That others explain art as being the result of talent is fine with me. That others explain it as being the result of fortuitous situations is equally fine with me. That others say that thanks to my parents I led a sheltered life and therefore was able to preserve my artistic sensibility is similarly fine with me. And if some want to believe that it is the result of years of training designed to foster an inherent talent, that is also fine with me. In short, any and all explanations about how art comes about are fine with me. Why? Because I am an artist, not an art critic. How this position plays out is the subject of the next section in this essay.

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In my previous essay,Personal Style,we saw that personal style is about personality. In this essay we are going to see thatBeing an Artistis directly related to personality because Being an Artist is about expressing your personality. To put it in a concise manner:

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What follows are therefore my views of what being an artist is. These views are based upon my personal experience and reflections as well as upon discussions I have had with artists and friends. As you read through it keep in mind that this essay, while a stand alone article, is actually part one of a two part essay. For reasons that I describe below I decided to separateBeing an ArtistfromBeing an Artist in Business. This article is the first of these two essays.